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is Welding is a Good Career

Thanks for visiting my site, My Name is Joshua Bronner, and I Start Doing Welding at a Young Age. In That Time, My Father was Working on a Small Welding Workshop. SO, In My Childhood, I was love to Watch My Father and Uncle Jayden doing something with Welding Gears. In that Time I build My First Gokart Using Welding, and that was not good. I love to spend my free Time with my father at the Workshop and learn New Things Daily. Now I’m teaching welding at the local school and Run my Workshop.

My Friend Told to Make Your site and Teach mig Welding for Beginner, SO That’s Why I Build this for the new welder. To Know How to Weld and Which are the most Quality Product for welding.

My Welding Tutorials and Welding Product Choice Good for Beginner and Professional Welder. Mig welder tech is the way to go; who Want to Invest in Quality, Thanks!

Joshua Bronner