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Best 120v Mig Welder For The Money – 2021 Reviews & Guide

When it comes to home repairing and blacksmithing, 120V mig welders are modern marvels and powerful gear for entry-level and professional welders. Traditional welders run on a 220V supply, and everyone couldn’t have this voltage to run them. So, many companies designed the best 120V Mig Welders, which can flawlessly work with 120V supply.

It is not only for professional welders, but if you are tired of asking for this daily-use gear from others, you should certainly think of getting your own. MIG welder comes with advanced flux-corded arc welding technology to cut thin and sheet metals and repair things.

Best 120v Mig Welders

MIG welding is far quicker and more efficient than traditional welding methods, as it uses a melted electrode under optimal voltage and joins two metals through a welding gun. It makes people attract to it.
After detailed research on all the esteemed brands, we came up with the best models with a durability guaranteed, which will last longer.

Best 120-volt mig welder Comparison Table

  • 115V Input
  • 140A Output
  • Weld Upto 1/4 Mild Steel
  • 115V Input
  • 35-88A Output
  • Control Wire & Heat Speed
  • 120V Input
  • 125A Output
  • Weld Upto 1/4 inch
  • 110V – 120V Input
  • 140A Output
  • 2T(Manual)/4T(Semi-auto) switch
  • 120/230V Input
  • 190 Amp Output
  • Expensive
  • 120 -240V Input
  • 30 – 230 Amp Output
  • Welds up to 1/4 inch
  • 120V Input
  • 140 Amp Output

Hobart 120v welder

Hobart Handler 140 – Best Mig Welder

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The most exclusive of all, Hobart Handler 140, is a technologically up-to-date welding unit with a simple operation, ideal for both professionals and amateurs. Moreover, just like its competitors, this heavy-duty machine won’t demand your pocket to be deep down when it comes to its designation and quality.

With a rationally strong power of 140V, along with a heavy-duty welding range of 25-140amp, you can smoothly perform daily routine projects or metal-honing chores. Through the MIT capacity, you can weld thin materials, including aluminum and steel.

However, for thicker metals, advanced flux-core technology is available in this welder. Hobart Handler 140 features a built-in contractor for keeping the wires electrically cool when not in use. The wire feed tracking system and 4V output let you quickly adjust the speed for varying materials’ thickness.

This welder’s dual-groove system features one knurled groove and one smooth groove for smoother swapping from one wire to another with different thicknesses. Moreover, you need not drag this welder everywhere for work because it comes with a 10ft long MIG gun ground clamp.

This welder is a great choice for small projects, household chores, or small-intensity tasks requiring low power. You can not certainly choose this independent unit for full-fledged industrial processes.

  • 110V outlet for beginners
  • Precise arc performance
  • Quick setup
  • Dual-processing capacity
  • Additional gas cylinder needed
  • Only for small projects

Lincoln Electric 120 volt mig Welder

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 – Best Lightweight Mig Welder

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If you are looking for practicing your hard at wire welding and want powerful gear? Lincoln Electric k2185, with a compact construction and durable build, is going to be your great partner. You can easily plug-in voltage into 115V, making welding more accurate and précised.

With the four voltage settings, you can weld mild steel easily from 24 gauge to 1/8 inch thick, using a constant speed adjustment. You only need to add a cylinder of shielding gas to make a smooth start-up. The transformer technology is reliable for any 115V outlet and requires less than 10 mins to get started.

Lincoln Electric Welder comes with a fantastic safety feature to keep your welding wire cool until the trigger is pressed. An exact full-adjustment drive system, along with a digital display, ensures ultimate adjustment while reducing crushing or tangling chances.

A compact, lightweight, and portable wire welder will make everything perfect for home repairs and simple jobs. It is equipped with a gas regulator and gas nozzle for fluxed core welding. With a lightweight of 46 pounds, it’s convenient to take it to the workshop or any other site.

The fan-cooled design keeps it protected from overheating that automatically increases the durability of the machine. With lots of welding tools and one year warranty, it is an entirely complete package.

  • Quick 10-min setup
  • 115V outlet needed
  • Durable and reliable


  • Not for aluminum welding
  • shielding gas not included

Forney Easy Weld 299 A  Flux Core Welder

Forney Easy Weld 299 – A  Flux Core Welder

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ForneyEasy Weld 299, a much more durable flux core welding equipment, not requiring a shielding gas machine, is a perfect choice for beginners. However, this welder welds mild steel with great efficiency, but unfortunately, not stainless steel.

It features lightweight 42.5-pounds construction, which is not the lightest of all on our list, but it’s not heavy. It makes it more reliable to transport. With a 120V outlet, this welding unit is giving a dual-voltage system. It has a natural duty cycle of 20% that prevents overheating and making it easy for welds to work Forney Easy Weld 299 welds steel upto¼ inches.

An excellent wire feeding system and a storage option for keeping 2 to 10 pounds make this unit much practical.  A unique feature, the auto restarting system that protects from overheating, is a great thing to consider.

It comes with two voltage settings that will enable you to check wire speed and power settings for your steel thickness. This flux core welder is very easy to operate that you only need to plug-in, and it is ready to weld. It can be used with a 0.03-inch wire.

Not an excellent choice for professionals, but the beginners should give it a try for their projects or DIYs.

  • A precise welder
  • 20% duty cycle
  • Overheat preventing system
  • Medium duty jobs
  • Only two power settings

LOTOS MIG140 Affordable Welder

LOTOS MIG140 – The Best Affordable Welder

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Here comes Lotos MIG140, which is surely a durable utensil to consider. It is pretty rugged massive best to perform home projects very well for being the best 120V mig welder. Being run on an input voltage of 110V, it is best for a small workshop that can work even on thickest metals.

The high-quality aluminum wire is responsible for the unrivaled durability of this welder. Lotos MIG140 helps you weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other sturdy metals, containing all the features a professional could desire. A significant advantage of Lotos MIG140 is the thermal cut-out system that won’t be damaged from power overload and overheating.

It will give you a comfortable welding experience.  You can easily weld from 24 gauge to ¼ inch of metal. It is a quality machine that is cost-effective. The digital display and a precise adjustment drive system produce reliable and accurate welding without crushing or tangling.

You can set up a device in only 10 min that is very efficient for beginners, and people use it in households. The versatile construction with advanced transformer technology lets you reliably connect this welder to a 110V outlet to get started.

Coming to the price, which is shockingly less, this welder is the most affordable choice in our list for budget-limited people to enjoy pro-level welding. The accessories, including a gas hose and God’s regulator with a cable connector, complete the package, worthy of purchase.

  • Efficient 10-mins setup
  • Transformer technology
  • 140A welding output
  • For small size projects

Forney 324 –120v inverter welder

Forney 324 – A Multi-Purpose Welder

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Forney, one of the best welder’s manufacturers, provides us one of their best products, i.e., Forney 324 MIG/Stick. An amazing multi-purpose welder that comes with 3-in-one welding processes (Stick, TIG, and MIG). You can easily change its hose and regulator according to your need. It is truly a legit 120V welder, which has been designed for professional welders.

This DC welding machine helps you weld aluminum and contains almost all of the features a welder could long for, no matter a professional or a beginner. It can be a money-saving product for you as you can get 3-in-one TIG, MIG, and Stick configuration in one unit, rather than buying three welders separately.

A high-end cast aluminum wire system and a double-geared idler make the setup more accessible and give excellent results. Only the thing you have to do is to buy a tungsten gas to start your device up. With Forney welder, you will experience time-saving and smooth welding because of its Euro join MIG gun.

It features a low power input of about 120V and can even work on the thickest of metals. You can easily weld a 3/8 inches metal with this welder. Forney welder can set multiple powers because of its unique inverter technology. With its 51.4 pounds weight and heavy-duty cast aluminum drive, it becomes the most unique and portable welder.

  • Euro connect MIG gun
  • Five years warranty
  • Comes with excellent inverter technology
  • Portable
  • Multi-functional
  • Short cable
  • Not glass-shielded

Miller Electric 120/240V AC Welder  – Portable

Miller Electric 120/240V AC Welder

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Here comes a true meaning of high-definition, Miller Electric 120/240V AC, a fantastic single phase welder, which comes with a multi-voltage plug. Being one of the best MIG welders, it has got remarkable voltage control. You can set your welder’s voltage from 120 volts to 240 volts. With the three-wire configuration, you can smoothly weld, no matter it is aluminum or steel.

Miller Electric Welder allows you to do different tasks, including DIY, metal art, auto welding, and you can even use it for flux-cored welding. It can be worth buying for every welder who is professional or using it for DIY purposes. You can also easily set the wire width of your welder.

With an exceptional sturdy lightweight construction, this dual-voltage welding unit is one of the most reliable, portable, and durable welding units. The robust construction includes a high-end cast-aluminum framework. Miller Electric is equipped with a smooth start button for a hassle-free start.

No matter you want to take it to your traveling or either side of the home, this 38-pound unit will run smoothly with you. It features an upgraded cooling fan technology and thermal overload protection for cooling it down after extensive usage. This versatile welder is designed to work on low voltages like 120V to the highest industrial platform voltages.

  • Single-phase unit
  • Low-voltage setup
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Flux-cored
  • A little bit costly
  • More reasonable for professionals

Forney 309 MIG Welder – Good Performance

Forney 309 MIG Welder – Good Performance

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An exclusively cost-effective choice,  Forney 309 MIG Welder, is best for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. If you are tight on budget and want the best 120V welder without any compromise on the quality and performance, then it has got you covered for its clear-cut instructions and smooth operation.

In Forney 309 welder, you can easily control your power output by setting your power input by only rotating a knob in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. It works on minimal voltage, even as low as 115 V. It is uniquely built for both MIG and FLUX Cored welding and gives outstanding welding experience.

Its high-definition EURO-connect MIG gun system makes it a unique 120V welder on our list. It allows users to use it with great ease and also saves time to a great extent. Here comes the sophisticated design, with a built-in long MIG torch to perform your welding tasks even at night. You can use your welder for welding thicker metals without any worries.

Forney 309 Welder comes with an upgraded construction, which includes a longer wire, and the side cell space has an increased area for catching up even 4 or 8 spool wire. The small-feet bottom, with overall medium-weight construction, makes you perform even the harsh welding tasks because it remains highly firm and prevents sliding.

  • Easy to operate
  • Portable
  • MIG and Flux-cored welding
  • Long-power wire
  • Not suitable for industrial work

Buyer Guide (Which Things to consider before buying the best 120V Mig Welder)

It’s often challenging to make the right decision when you have a stack of brands in front of you, and each is claiming it to be the best. How would you know which Mig welder is ideal for you? Well, it’s no more a difficult task when you follow up with this buying guide.

Buyer Guide Best Mig welder 120v

If you really want to invest in a quality welder and want to make your experience worthwhile, then you certainly need to consider a few things before getting yourself into a specific model.

  • Power

The first and most crucial factor, output power, determines the quality of your Mig welder. The higher the power, the more will be the practicability. However, 100amp power is sufficient for DIY projects, including thin metals and sheets.

Moreover, 140amp welder will cost you some extra dollars, but it’s going to be an ideal choice to cope with all the situations. Coming to the threshold, for 18-gauge metals, you will surely need a 30amp welder unit.

  • Wire Feed Speed

The speed at which MIG wire moves from the device to the gun is known as wire feed speed. A factor, which is as important as power and determines the overall performance of a welding unit. The slower feed speeds can result in uneven welding and

On the other hand, if the speed is too high, the wire will run out of the gun machine and will leave behind a ton of splatter.

What you need is a complete concord between them. The best MIG welder will develop an automatic feed system to adjust the speed according to the power.

  • Wire Size and Material Thickness

The size of wire used in Mig welders matters a lot in precise welding. The ideal size of the wire is 0.023inches or 0.030inches, which will prevent on-light burning materials. If you are going to use 0.45 inches thick MIG wire, there are more chances of fusion.

Most of the welding units come with ER70S-3 or ER70S-6 wire type. Well, the best one is ER70S-3, which is suitable for all welding purposes and metals.

  • Portability

If you want a compactly designed inert gas welder for maximum performance, then you have a great choice because the size is an essential thing to consider when you have limited space and portability problems.

However, the welders come in size ranging from 40-pounds to several hundred, depending on the features and power crammed inside them.

So, first, make sure that for what purpose you are going to purchase the welder. If you plan to use it for general household chores, keep weight and size your top priority.


What is the best 120-volt mig welder?

Our Team Searches for many Hours to Find the top Mig welders in 120v, and we find that  Lincoln Electric and Forney, two Giant Companies, Provide the best Power and Quality in Mig Welder That Users Want At a Reasonable Price.


When you are out to buy the best 120V mig welder, the most important thing you have to do is keep your purpose in mind. Keep in mind that your regular welding chores would be your investment worth for the years to spend.

Well, whatever your purpose is, make sure that your welding unit has enough power to manage that task. If you are confused about getting the best one, then you can take our recommendation.

Here we have a top pick for you. Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder is an exclusively ideal choice for those who want to perform their DIYs or household chores with practicability.

Moreover, if you have been running low on budget and still want a pro-level welding experience, LOTOS MIG140 will suit your needs best.