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Best Welding Carts under $100 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

best Welding Carts For Plasma Cutter MIG TIGIt’s not easy to find the Best Welding Carts under $100 For Plasma Cutter, Mig welders, and tig. But we compile a list of welding carts using their design, drawers, material, quality, and features. That’ll save time to select one according to your requirements.

Welding is an ancient yet significant activity. With time, its stakeholders devised ways for making this not-so-easy task fast and smooth. As a result of this struggle, we managed to get the time and energy saver, Plasma cutter carts. With these carts, welders can move and store heavy machines swiftly, in a secure way.

Investing in a welding cart is not a risky stance. However, picking up the best plasma cutter cart is what matters, and by best, I would always mean the most suitable one.

It would be wise if a welder buys a plasma cutter cart while keeping in view its uses. For instance, when we say that a plasma cutter cart is meant to move heavy objects, it indirectly implies that the construction of a plasma cart matters. Not only this, but there are a few other features that should be considered before getting your hands on the best budget Welding carts.

Best Welding Carts under $100 in 2021

  • Reliable Easy to Use
  • Lightweight (Easy to Carry)
  • Best for Miller 220
  • Heavy duty
  • Best for Mig & Plasma Cutter
  • Included Storage for Gas tank
best overall

3. Goplus Welder Cart

  • Supported Multiple Welding machines
  • Heavy duty
  • With Storage boxes
  • Carry two Gas Cylinder
  • Easy to Move
  • Smooth Tyres
  • MIG / TIG / ARC Welding Machine
  • and Plasma Cutter
  • Heavy Duty

Miller Electric Running Cart

Miller Electric Running Cart

Nowadays, we all are stuck in our houses, and like every other person in business, welders are also confronting several financial issues. For them, the only way to sustain in such a situation is to buy some great welding accessories. Miller Electric has manufactured an exceptional user-friendly running cart, 4 in H x 17-3/4 in W, that can keep and carry your heavy welding Millermatic or TIG welders. Miller’s electric running gear would benefit its user in several ways. This product can be summarized as, user-oriented, spacious, expensive, and moveable welding cart. It’s one of the best Welding carts available in the market.

It is easy to set up, and it will hardly take five to 10 minutes to assemble the whole running gear. Even a ten-year-old boy can tend it; buyers only need to follow the manual while fixing the right screws at the right spots. Not only this, but users can also add a pinch of creativity as per their need as they can drill holes for attaching several other things with the gear. A single-handed push is enough for moving your heavy-duty welding tools with this running gear.

The sturdy rubber tires will go a long way as they are thick and well-built. Lastly, unlike regular welding activities, you will experience peace of mind along with minimum air and noise pollution this time. You can carry on your welding activities in your backyard, garden, or garage without disturbing your loved ones. In a nutshell, the Running Gear/Cart, 4 in H x 17-3/4 in W, can be the best welding cart for weld-at-home activities.

Hot Max WC100 Welding

Hot Max WC100 Welding or Plasma Cutter Cart

Hot Max WC100 Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart is a sturdy steel-made welding cart that is undoubtedly the best welding accessory any welder can ever get. Its large and spacious trays for keeping the welding equipment alongside are exceptional. A smart welder will always look for a welding cart that is easy to move and tend. As its name implies Hot Max, is a large, secure, a bit expensive, and easy-to-use plasma cutter cart.

The Hot Max WC100 cutter cart is suitable for the essential welding accessories and tools, and these qualities make it even more desirable. You can work with various tanks such as  MIG and plasma cutters quite smoothly if you have this fantastic cutter by your site. You would start with receiving and assembling this cart, and trust me, and it will not take more than 10 minutes if you have read the manual. If you look at its style, you will realize that the chains and handles are designed wisely to minimize task difficulties.

It would be best to fix the gas cylinders in those rigid chains, and you are ready to weld. In most Plasma cutter carts, the trays are not big enough to carry heavy objects, but the Hot Max WC100 cart has wide dishes ranging from 17″to 11″. Not only this, but this cart has swiftly moving castors at the front side and heavy cartwheels at the rear end. This amazing synchronization between these tires would make the heavily loaded plasma cutter cart as light as your regular shopping cart.

Goplus Welder Cart 

Goplus Welder Cart 

If you are looking for an easy to manage and tidy plasma cutter, this painted Goplus Welder cart is the one for you. It has been designed for the long run; in a nutshell, this plasma cutter is stocky, durable, easy to assemble, and smooth. When you break down the anatomy of this holy grail plasma cutter cart, you will realize that perhaps a Lego master has designed it. Even a smart kid can assemble this sturdy item within 15 minutes.

It has four drawers, and the only purpose of developing it in such a way is to help the meticulous ones because welding is not a carefree business. The drawers are not that big, but you can keep your tools such as the cutters and screws, etc. You do not need a toolbox. Once you have got the Goplus welder, you have got a welding cart and four small toolkits, along with securing chains for holding almost 100lbs.

This plasma cutter cart will be their mini shop for those dreaming of having a home-based welding spot. It is a multi-purpose welder’s cart; you can carry it wherever you want as it has got four durable tires that are not going to wear off anytime soon. Lastly, the only thing that might annoy you is the confusing sets of nuts and bolts, so I recommend reading the manual even before opening the package.

Gas Welding Cart

Gas Welding Cart

Welding is not an easy activity; you need to carry the heavy gas cylinders throughout this complicated chore. As far as I have seen, maybe while manufacturing the Gas welding cart for Plasma cutters, the designer had timid and fragile persons.

If you have the Gas welding cart, then carrying the heavy and filled gas cylinders is no longer an issue. It is a secure, durable, easy fix, and with bracing four tires.  One thing that confuses a lot of users is the tipping down of the cart. It is because of the unbalanced cylinders. It would be best if you always placed the gas cylinders at a balancing point; otherwise, the cart will tilt to either side. However, it has got straps to hold the cylinders in place, which means you do not need to worry much about it. The assemblage phase is straightforward.

The cart would set up within five minutes, and there is no doubt about it as you need to fix a few bolts, and just like the folding wheelchair, it is ready to work on. Those who want a plasma cutter can be placed anywhere at their shop/residence and can be folded whenever they want should not miss this article. Lastly, it is a go-to cutter cart, and the value of money, as per the article, is quite reasonable for a sturdy cart that can hold up to 80lbs of cylinders.

MIG TIG Plasma Cutter Arc Welding Cart

MIG TIG Plasma Cutter Arc Welding Cart

If you are stuck at home due to the current lockdown situation and want to resume your welding work but cannot afford an expensive plasma cutter, this one will surely help you. It is one of the least costly plasma cutter carts, with all the essential qualities. It is reliable, heavy-duty, accessorized, and a bit difficult to assemble.

The assemblage’s difficulty is usually because of extra accessories, but you will realize that each second was worthwhile once you have set the cart. Moreover, the manufacturers were kind enough to put some extra nuts and bolts so that the assemblers must not feel lost at any cost. While working, you will need some tools and accessories. A welder cannot just run here and there while he is cutting or joining the plasma. So, this cart has got two solid shelves for keeping all the necessary items by his side.

The cart’s outer body depicts that it will go a long way; the industrial coating on its body would keep it new for a considerable period. Lastly, another fantastic feature combines two fixed and two moveable tires, which means users can carry the cart wherever they want quite swiftly. In contrast, the exceptional cart will carry a 100lbs weight, is not that exceptional for a mini welding moveable spot at your place? You can use this cart for MIG/TIG and any other heavy-duty welding tank.

A brief buying guide for Welding carts

It would help if you had a welding cart to ease your welding chores and to carry heavy-duty gas cylinders along with you. Thus, while making a purchase, you should keep these two things in mind. Buying a welding cart is not a complicated task. You need to make a list of your needs and your expectations from a plasma cutter cart. Here, I would explain what you should add to that fortune turning list.

  •  A sturdy body

First of all, an excellent welding plasma cutting cart must be strong enough to carry heavy-duty tanks and cylinders. So, the first thing you should check is its weight-bearing capacity. If a prospective plasma cutter cart can carry more than 70lbs, then it will work fine. By a sturdy and robust body, we usually mean thicker sides, but you should check the material used for making the cart when it comes to carts. Sometimes, it is entirely of iron with a small percentage of steel. Do not be a fool to buy such carts to generate a risk for you and your family.

  • The tires

If your welding cart cannot move properly, you will miss a lot of the welding adventure. Check and assure if the tires are durable and the pairs are both fixed and moveable. If you cannot move your heavy-duty cart, then the sturdy, durable body is nothing more than junk. Movement is an essential part of plasma cutter carts; otherwise, users can carry out the welding activity at a fixed spot. Considering an exceptional cart starts with acknowledging its tires, a fantastic welding cart should have castors as its front pair while fixed solid tires as the rear pair of tires.

  • The easy setup

It would help if you were not thinking of paying some bucks to wonder about a lost nut. Thus, when buying a welding cart, read the reviews describing the assembling experiences. A good and worthy welding cart will be easy to fix and use. Lastly, a smart buyer would also make sure that the package will come with a manual in this regard.  If, in case, you have received a parcel without a manual, try connecting to the customer care service as soon as possible.

  • Affordability

The last thing that will decide your purchase is your pocket, and if you think that a cart is exceeding the capacity, you should shun its idea at once. Instead, buy an affordable item so that you must feel satisfied by all means.


How to Build a welding cart



In the market, plasma cutter carts are available in various sizes and capacities. It entirely depends on the buyer to pick up the most suitable one. The fantastic part of this welding domain is the range of prices.  Although each article is different from others in several ways, the price range is not very versatile. They all are affordable to an unbelievable extent.

Anyone who plans to start a career in welding can have them. Still, apart from price ranges and outlook, two essential things count when buying the best welding carts. These are capacity and storage. The shape and size of a welding cart are of secondary importance, but neglecting them is not an option.