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10 Best Welding Helmets For Beginners 2021 (Almost Every Budget)

Best Welding Helmets

Are you Looking for Best Welding Helmet, then this article Will help to save Your Precious time for choosing your desire welding helmet.

If you are a professional welder or just an enthusiast, you really need to realize how pivotal it is to protect your upper neck portion. The welding helmets, which come under personal protective equipment, will safeguard one from UV lights, infrared radiations, and sparks altogether. These helmets, in turn, are going to have profound health safety effects in the long run. Particularly, these are commonly used in arc welding processes carried at higher temperatures producing noxious electromagnetic radiations.

Perhaps, welding helmets are fitted with a polarized lens over the eye shield window. This allows the welder to stay well-protected. We have, after thorough researches have collected the best welding helmets for beginners. We will be taking care of beginners’ price range and their accuracy concerns in the following domain, regarding beginners, a large viewing area with shading insights to excel in the welding job.

Top-Pick Welding Helmets

Here, we after thorough research have collected a list of the Best 10 welding helmets for beginners along with a buyer guide to help you in your task.

1. Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet: Black 3550 Series by Lincoln Electric

Black 3550 Series by Lincoln Electric

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Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet 3350 Serie is black based head and neck cover, which gives a tough time to other welding helmets in the market.  I am certain about the difficulty you are facing while buying the welding helmet for yourselves. This product of ours is the top-rated welding helmet.

This welding helmet is one of the high professional welding helmets providing auto-darkening properties to the most. What’s most beneficial about auto-darkening ability is that these provide infrared and ultraviolet protection even if the helmet is switched off. It’s better suggested to buy one having a darkening time of about 4/10th millisecond, and this pick of ours is very appropriate in meeting this criterion. Furthermore, this welding helmet’s dominating feature is gold filler shades – ranging between 5-13, which is a major pro. It’s contrast, and visibility access is much appreciable.

Most popular is it’s far better response time when compared to other picks. Of all the impressive key features of Black 3350 are its appropriate controls to put yourself into the appropriate aura when you decide to switch. It is very particular about its grind settings, which are very comfortable to see what’s going on around the puddles clearly.  It gives other welding picks tough times.

  • Best Auto-Darkening
  • Solar Cells Lens Shade
  • Durable
  • Large Viewing Area
  • Expensive

This affordable headgear provides a wide viewing angle. Pessimistically, We are certain that you are getting this at amazingly affordable prices. Highly adjustable headgear is much suitable with respiratory fillers, which you could have in a go. You can not subject its durability in the long run.

2.  Viking Welding Helmet by Lincoln Electric

Viking Welding Helmet by Lincoln Electric

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Lincoln  3350 Welding Helmet comes with a large screen and a premium 4C lens, which works appropriately on color saturation and contrasts to be visualized. The welder can easily discriminate the dos and don’ts in the puddle. Perhaps it will eliminate the load your eyes may experience due to constant exposure in the field. This versatile pick has a large twelve and a half square inches auto-darkening lens offering wide precaution strategies for the user.

All well-supported by headgear with great rotatory and distributary qualities. Certainly, it will help you to manage yourself well in the field. The major pro of the lincoln welding helmet is its extra efficient grind button letting you switch easily between the already set welding tones. These helmets are best at providing clarity within the landscape.

Long way durability needs your just one-time investment. It even gives a better curvature, which acts to be a necessary frontline stream in most welding fields. Acetylene flame protection is better observed while having Lincoln’s welding helmets. A very few ratings on the Consumer report rate. It to be a bit creepy because of its loose ratchet not giving proper head support when needed.

They complain about it falling off their head each time they work. Henceforth, it’s appreciated at several places for its evident clarity. It comes in 15 different styles helping out professionals in the desired way they want.

  • Good Quality
  • Fastest Auto-Darkening
  • Large Viewing Area
  • it Difficult to fit on the hardhat
  • High Price

Clearly speaking, it comes all packed in a helmet bag along with cover lenses and sticker sheets altogether.

3. Antra Welding Helmet – AH6-260-0000

Antra Welding Helmet

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Antra welding helmets never compromise on the safety quality of these head and neck covers. Supreme shading filters from ultraviolet and UV radiations are provided through LCD panels in a wide puddle range. One can go on with your work easily for hours without being discomfortable because of its unusually carriable weight. When to switch between the modes of grinding and welding, a suitable grind button is automated with this pick.

Of all the major pros, the most favorite one is its arc sensors, which allow auto-switching in no time. Therefore, adjusting the worst situations in the finest ways of all. This pick being multi-tasking attracts several users. It can be used for welding and grinding purposes, along with plasma cutting and metal fabrication purposes. Evidently, it serves to be quite receptive to the welding arch. Antra is even good at lowering false triggering, keeping one more focused on the target of welding.

  • Cheap Price
  • Can Use with Tig / Mig / Mag
  • Good Auto-Darking
  • Comfortable
  • Plastic Quality not good
  • Sometimes not Working perfect

The Auto-darkening model is well-equipped, supported by power-off options. Triple UV and IR protection through passive and two LCD filters are rated good on a Consumer report. You may adapt this welding tool well with a hard hat adapter, which you need to buy separately. Moreover, the 2 Amperes DC TIG rating is again one of the product’s capabilities. It’s even stated that this pick offers a wide range of shade sensitivity, which is adjustable. O-ring support lets one have a better grip on this headgear. You may use this by charging up the batteries or those solar cells which perfectly goes with it.

4. Budget Welding Helmet: DEKOPRO

DEKOPRO Welding Helmet

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This solar power tool is again a big blessing for many of the welders around. It comes with a shade ranging from 4/9-13, which is very adjustable according to your needs. This orange, black Dekopro is a nice pro that allows auto-darkening in thousands of a millisecond.  This standardized welding helmet meets 13 UV, and IR standards imparting good safety precautions. Colour contrast and saturation index are met nicely with the fitted filters.

It’s easy to switch from lighter to darker shades or vice versa in minimal timeless than the eye blinks. It is very comfortable with a wide range of angular stance and a well-equipped visibility area. This Affordable Welding Helmet comes in good Quality. Moreover, the headgear is again suitable for letting you get through your work comfortably. The lighting sources are very proactive and allow users to switch easily between different working environments.

  • Cheap Price
  • Adjustable Shade Range
  • Has Auto-Darkening
  • Quality not Good

PP material support increases life and relieves neck muscle cramps at the time of work.  This wins well under the tag of worth money under the rating tags on a Consumer report. Its DIN16 protection acts to be a certain precautionary UV protector even when there’s a cut in the power supply. You may not have to wait long to get back to work in such cases. These helmets are very appropriate to be used in petroleum and architectural industries. Like the formal product of ours, this too comes with Li-battery and the solar cell.

5. Instapark ADF Series GX990T

Instapark ADF Series GX990T

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Instapark welding helmets are a bit different from formal picks as it comes with four optical sensors. This helps in better detection through light sensing. Next comes its auto-darkening filters, which always help better switching from mode to mode automatically. This refrains one from wasting time from switching modes manually. It solely depends on environmental integration with the sensor’s adaptability.

This lightweight and durable pick is ratchet supported headgear. It confirms an adjustable welding helmet properties providing utmost protection from acetylene flames in the surrounding. These flames can be lethal and may cause inflammation and cancer in the long run. Several shades from 5-13 are available. Shade number 4 serves to be a resting shade with a switching interval at the speed of light.

Its external and internal control links are well integrated. Thus, it provides a greater accuracy level saving much of the welders time and energy. Extra lens protecting covers also giver users a sense of affiliation towards the product. The lens is super amazing as it stays tinted at an angle, allowing you to the gunshot at a distance and in a precise manner. A wider view window further enhances the view angle.

  • Solar Powered
  • Auto-Darkening
  • Suitable for Stick, Mig, and Tig Welding
  • Good Price
  • Not High Quality

What’s most pleasing is its cost, which is almost half of what Lincolns charge. The reviews are further rating it to be near to best in terms of weight, comfort, and value for money. This welders helmet pick is not just for beginners but can surely meet professionals’ demands in a better way.

6. Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet – ADF-206S

Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet - ADF-206S

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Tanox is another famous and affordable pick of ours. This comes with solar support like our former picks except that it’s ADF-206S which is very suitable for DIY welding or for plasma cutting. A number of adjustable knobs improve its sensitivity making it more responsive.

This pound helmet comes all packed in a box with a pair of gloves, indicating profound safety concerns of the manufacturer. Yet again, it’s able to switch from light to dark modes within thousands of a second. Extensive field screen and optics protection led to comprehensive viewing domain and electromagnetic protection, respectively. It’s automatic switching off and on capability is well defined as in proper auto-darkening effect.

Coupled with a head adapter, this headgear is very easily accessible. It has an extra lens pair allowing you to change when it once gets disintegrated. As stated earlier, gloves provide extra care leading towards their appropriate and prompt use in the automotive and food industries. Hood support on the exterior with a ratchet stabilizes head confirmation without falling off. Quite a few people were found complaining of the tension knobs, making it difficult for the hood to stick well over the head and neck region.

  • Auto-Darkening
  • Cheap Price
  • With Free Welding Golves
  • Quality not good
  • Stop Working After few Month

Other pros include 4 arc sensors, an adjustable lens, and a gouging tool. Most of the ratings appreciate customer service care provided by Tanox company building up a more agreeable relation between the two. Furthermore, a Tanox welding helmet gives a good indication to you when on a low battery.

7. 3M Welding Helmet

3M Welding Helmet

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3M Speedglas welding helmet provides compliant grinding modes; all supported intact with torch supported modes. This will surely allow you to escape from the unstable and non-angulated headgear settings. This welding helmet is far more compatible in providing UV and IR protection when it comes to safety. Not just this, it keeps you safe and sound from acetylene sparks produced into the core of the puddles.

Much of productivity can be met with stabilized headgear. A shade combo asks for users’ selectivity in the first place. The comprehensive view window is fast-forwarding for better productivity and sound detection of chaos in the surroundings. The auto-darkening filters are nicely fitted with three sensors. Switching of the lens from darker to brighter shades-  with a slight delay. The vent supported welding helmet directs the air all out.

  • Auto-Darkening Filter
  • Good for Beginners
  • Comfortable with Clear Vision
  • Quality seems like cheap

It let one be most productive, all imparting through its features. Hence, rework and grinding streams work to reduce head strain. A total of 2000 battery hours is what speed glass welding helmet gives to its customers. The most advent pro is its optic realm, which provides shade to the face screen. The headgear serves to maintain an optimum balance and put through your head to let you experience an adjustable fit.

The headband is padded to allow uniform distribution of forces.  Not just the head safety is what it gives.  It works collectively to communicate respiratory relaxation and protection from environmental hazards in the long run. This welding helmet allows you to reap the welding constituents nicely.

8. ESAB Sentinel A50: Beginners

ESAB Sentinel A50 Beginners

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Your hood needs to be very compatible as it determines your credibility and your health strengths in the long term. For the very purpose, we are all likely to come across those welding helmets which are super comfortable and are more likely to be bear when one is on the field. Sentinel serves all the above-mentioned purposes very well.

Resilient Nylon stuffed hoods are giving a tough time to the competitors. The halo headgear comes with 5 adjustable balance points, all adjusted to central pivotal points. I am all impressed by its separate memory panel, which allows you to set things externally. Above all, it’s super supported with 4 external grind buttons and adapters. This light-weighted welding helmet stands well by the side of the competitors. Such perfect color analysis and clarity are what attract the number of customers in the market. You flip during the task – don’t worry. Sentinel is going to keep your headgear firm, all covered in the stiff shell of its own.

  • Work Perfect with Lower Amperages
  • Great Sensors and Auto-Darkening
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • High Price

A major con is lens glaring, all because of the lens curvature. To eliminate this, you need to be a very focused counterpart to all your efforts to keep yourself afflicted on the task. Super cool is its fisheye lens, which, despite its curvature, gets less distorted at the time of work. Rest is the same features as auto-darkening and grinding capabilities, which serve to be strengthening features of all the picks right here.

9. Jackson Safety  – BH3 Review

Jackson Safety  - BH3 Welding Helmet

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Jackson Welding Helmet is all you need. Its welding and personal protective equipment are up with all safety and precautionary elements, which serves to be a valid safety measure. The standards of this pick are high and have perfect perimeters aimed to serve comfort. ADF lens is much famous for the clarity which fits into. Perfect luminous intensity and diffusion criteria count a lot in the case of Jackson welding helmets.

The shielding range is very comparable to our former picks from 9-13. It provides immense protection from UV and IR waves from hitting you. This is far more adaptable and sensitive, which counts a lot. The LIght-weight design allows better protection from surrounding sparks and splutters. It is well-equipped with 3 headgear adjustments letting it fix incredibly around your superior body. It comes with Balder Technology offering greater angular dependence and homogenized views. Premium optical visualizations will help you stand out in your work.

  • Auto Darkening Filter
  • Come with Blender Technology
  • Good Quality
  • Came without a bag
  • Headband Loose Easily
  • Expensive

The plus point is an aerodynamic shell that allows a better deflection range. DIn rated light diffusion, and optical clarity chooses to be a better switching helmet in regards to all. It comes with magnification filters as well. One of the major cons is its darkening effect created the moment you stop welding. Thus adjusting all settings also goes in vain. Moreover, there’s no such on and off switch, which serves to be a battery saver – hence another con. A small number of people even complain about its non-adjustable head straps fitted to the headgear.

10. Hobart: Budget-Friendly Welder Helmet

Hobart: Budget-Friendly Welder Helmet

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This stylish head armor will not give you a tough time if you are one of the initiators. Its durability can be evidently proved by the manufacturer’s choice of using polyamide to make the welding helmet shell. Welding and grinding modes are coupled with TG access.

It comes with many sensors and comes with an extra bunch of lenses, offering a great replacement. It imparts better color vision and clarity and is even equipped with a magnifying lens. One of the major con is its sensor’s incapability to respond to UV radiation at the point where you restart the headset. Apart from this con, it allows one to have a better response time. It comes with a front screen, which is easy to replace and accommodate.

Easy grind mode switch support offers better compliance in a go. This is highly recommended not only because of its light headgear but also because of its superb auto-darkening abilities. This 2 pounds welding helmet is Lithium supportive. Hobart yet offers 1/250000 of reaction time, denoting it to be very responsive in the very first place. Its delay controller options are far indicative and meet the sensitivity criterion in a go. A view area of 7.05 square inch offers wider access to the surroundings.

  • Come with Good Price Range
  • Auto-Darkening
  • Comfortable & adjustable
  • Need Reset After its Sensors contact with Sunlight

The manufacturer states its production in South Korea and implies its usage in solar eclipse with 14 number shade. One more thing, its control gears are inside the helmet making it a bit stinky at times.

Buyers Guide: Welding Helmets

Whether you are a beginner or someone very professional in your field, you are always in need of a guide to buying one of the most appropriate welding helmet types. Not just this, if you are considering buying a new one or upgrade the former one, then even you be indeed thankful for this buyer guide of ours.

  • The helmet must offer the key feature of auto-dimming.

What does this mean? It means when wearing a shade lens, the dimming effect will keep your eyes well protected even when your helmet is down. It will incredibly increase an individual’s workforce because it will perfectly hold the torch in the right way to allow you to weld the pieces you hold.

  • The VIewing area should be large.

Most of the welding helmets provide a viewing area of about 7 inches square. But you may have large or panoramic views up to 15 square inches. A wide viewing area prevents one from neck strain and fatigue, allowing one to work and manage most of the field project.

  • The headgear should be light-weighted.

This will allow one to wear a longer part of the working time without getting muscle pain and fatigue.

  • The basic feature is its two arc sensors.

The sensors are designed basically to let one switch within shades 3 and 11. The switching time should be very responsive, as in the former picks of ours. It’s about 1/25000 in several cases.

  • The sensors equipped with solar cells are preferable.

This allows no plugins to charge each time you up for work.

  • The helmet should allow proper angulation at the time of work.

Firstly, the helmet made up of impact-resistant nylon is preferable among all the picks because of its durability. Moreover, an adjustable headband with adjustable tilts is the extra plus point of advanced helmets belonging to good companies.

  • The helmets should have arc-charging batteries.

The charging capability must be very appropriate and prompt. This allows the helmet and sensors to get the charge while you are working.

  • Grinding and adjustable modes are two other major pros which you should look for.

These key features will allow you to work on tungsten and plasma cutting without the headache of switching to protective glasses.

  • The helmet must provide perfect color saturation and clarity.

This will surely give you a better field perspective, allowing you to be more integrated and targeted towards the goal.

Final Words:

It’s evident that all the above picks are far compatible with meeting welders’ needs, either professional or beginner. You may choose any after reading the specifications carefully. Today’s most popular pick is Welding Helmet Black 3550 because of its innumerable qualities and capabilities stated above. Just let me do a quick review of all the key features stated above. You should at very first do thorough research over product ability and your needs.

Then only yo be able to cater to your problems. Once you have done this, make a checklist from our buyer’s point and determine whether your products serve the above-mentioned guide links purposely. All you need to do is to research before you invest. To make things easier, we have already collected several beginners’ helmet products at your disposal.