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10 Best Stick Welders (Arc Welders) – Reviews & Buyer Guide

10 Best Stick Welders - Reviews & Buyer GuideShield welding is one of the most versatile welding techniques. This article is for them Who is a welder and wish to buy the best stick welder.

What is stick welding?

Stick welding is an all-rounder welding technique. It is also a type of arc welding but is slightly different from the other types. The stick metal electrode here also gives out the metal flux, and thus this process is also referred to as the consumable electrode process.

One of the most common benefits in choosing stick welding is the effective role of shielding gases to produce protective slag. So, welders do not need to use any other protective equipment like the high-pressure gasses, etc.

The only crucial thing in the stick welding process is how the welder manages the stick and the base metals. As far as technical support is concerned, they only need to check the polarity and current flow.

One more thing to consider before starting the stick welding is the stick composition. Only a compatible stick would give the desired results.

Best Stick Welders in 2021

  • 110V/220V Dual Voltage
  • Easy Sticks 5/32 inch
  • Powerfull Stick Welder
  • Rugged Use & Reliable
  • Lightweight (Easy to Carry)
  • 120V/240V Input Power
  • 110/220V Input Voltage
  • Good For Small Works
  • Value for Money
  • 110V/230V Input Voltage
  • LightWeight
  • 160 AMP Stick
  • 115V/230V Dual Voltage
  • Good For 6011 & 6013 electrode
  • 160 AMP Stick
  • 120V/230V Voltage
  • Best For Portable Works
  • Reliable
  • 110V/220V Voltage
  • Mini & LightWeight
  • Easy to Use
  • 110/220V Dual Voltage
  • Light Weight & Easy to Use
  • Value for money
  • 110/220V Dual Voltage
  • Good for (6011,6013,7018) electrode
  • Easy to Carry
  • 110/220V Dual Voltage
  • Good For Stick Welds
  • Value for Money

In this section, we have put forward the ten best stick welders for you. have a look at their features, pros, and cons. We have described each one of them based on personal experience. This way, you will get a better idea about which stick welder is suitable for your welding goals.

1. Lotos Stick Welder Under 500

Lotos Stick Welder Under 500

So, the DIYers must think of buying this stick plasma arc cutter. It is super easy to handle. Safe to handle, without any hazardous gas emission to affect your respiratory system. It works fine and is equally great for novice welders.

Just we have discussed above, in stick welding, the welder’s technique matters a lot. The way they are handling the electrode. This easy-to-use plasma cutter comes with an easy arc start, making the entire process smooth and beautiful. Artists would love the results, as it can handle the deep welding cuts, giving a beautifully welded shape to the base metals.

It is a versatile stick welder, as it can be used with various electrodes. It’s suitable for both acidic and alkaline electrodes. This fantastic stick welder can be operated on dual frequencies; select the one you want, and it’s ready to go. All you must do is buy a Pigtail.

Lastly, an essential feature for any welding machine is the guarantee; most of the time, many things can get wrong. So, it is safer to buy a stick welder that comes with a warranty of 1 year. Moreover, you can also get your money back within 30 days.

  • Excellent welding in TIG mode.
  • Perfect for deep welding.
  • Perfect for Farm Use
  • Easy to handle stick welder.
  • The regulator that comes with it is not very fine.

2. Hobart 500570 Stickmate Welder

Hobart 500570 Stickmate Welder

Are you a field worker? Then try out this rugged and sturdy stick welder. It comes with all the accessories to enable welders to use it when minimal power supplies and generators are usually used. The long welding cables to assist them can make their days, providing deep welding solutions even out of the places away from the workshops.

The hot start, a special feature, will ease the ignition, making the welding process fast and effective. It is undoubtedly fit for professionals who get loads of work regularly. You will not miss a single second; the 30% Duty cycle is perfect for hot start welders like Hobart stick mate.

Users should not worry about the varying amperage requirement. With this fantastic stick welder, you can weld any metal with the changing and adjustable amperage. It is the safest to use; as you can, it comes with a warranty.

Moreover, it is not just for workshop use; beginners, artists, and farmers can also buy it for the perfect stick welding experiences. Those who want to learn to weld can have it as lightweight and can be carried anywhere.

  • A lightweight, reliable stick welder.
  • Comes with all the accessories.
  • A multipurpose welding machine.
  • Easy to start and efficient.
  • A 30% duty cycle may not work for quick work.

3. DEKOPRO 110V/220V MMA Welder Under 200

DEKOPRO 110V/220V MMA Welder

Do you wish to have complete control or Have a tight budget? Well, every professional welder would think of it. Then why not consider the MMA welder by Dekoprostore? It is easy to handle the welding machine that gives you complete control over the output. The closed-loop feedback control will help you maintain the desired flux.

Get your hands on the multipurpose stick welder, one of the finest arc welding machines. You can count on it, as it is an efficient product with multipurpose technology. There is no need to buy different stick welders for each metal. This one comes with competitive and robust technology, ready to weld, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, and other metals.

This DC welder comes with a modern design having an LED meter to give you a clear and definite record. We all know that welding, especially stick welding requires a lot of attention and makes it difficult to notice the over-heating. However, when you have this amazing product by your side, there is nothing to worry about. The machines’ automatic system response will blink the yellow light at its top. It is an indicator to highlight over-heating.

Another fantastic feature that most of the welding machines lack is the silent cooling system. Imagine a peaceful welding session; sounds great, right? The instant cooling fan will maintain temperature even after long working hours.

  • Comes with an instant cooling fan.
  • Cheap & Budget Friendly
  • A multipurpose stick welder.
  • Delivers a stable current output.
  • It will be hard to use it at 110V.

4. Zeny Arc Welder

Zeny Arc Welder

For a faster process, you would be looking for a greater duty cycle. This one is for you. are you starting a new project, and is the deadline approaching soon? Try out the Zeny Arc welding machine, as it comes with a 60% duty cycle, which would not stop much and give the most satisfactory results comparatively faster than other welders.

You can take it anywhere you want; the 6ft long cables are perfect for outdoor work. You do not have to worry about the bigger metal pieces; they can cover them all, especially 6ft high.

Unlike the contemporary stick welders, this one comes with all the relevant equipment; you get value for the money spent. It would not disappoint you at all; one of the best features is its multipurpose use. It comes with MMA technology suitable for all the metal types except a few.

Even though it is a heavy-duty welder but it would still not be a toll on your pocket. The IGBT inverter will save power up to 80% even during inversion.

It would not heat up quickly with the specially designed high-speed fan. Unlike regular fans, its sturdy mainframe will enable it to work continuously for longer duty cycles and working hours. Moreover, its auto safety measures to keep the hard-working welders safe throughout the welding sessions are incredible. It provides overload, over-current, and over-voltage protection.

  • Best for fast welding.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Comes with three-level protection.
  • Multipurpose welder.
  • Works better on 120 V than 220V.

5. Amico Arc Welder

Amico Arc Welder

Are you an amateur welder who wants to upgrade their welding skills must try this one out? This one comes with an industrial-level design with several automatic features. You do not need to worry about the input voltage; the auto-detectors will find the voltage and adjust it according to the set criteria. Is not it amazing?

It will not take longer than a few seconds to start; the hot start technology will give it a smooth and stable start. Helping you cut down the electrical bill. One more thing that can help you save energy is the IGBT inverter technology. What else can be better for those who have just started the welding business and want to earn a profit while using reliable welding machines?

The 80% duty cycle not only promises faster work but a reliable stream of flux. All these features combined make it the perfect choice for every type of welder.

The super-effective safety functions are a guarantee that this stick welder will go a long way. The intensity control function and automatic voltage compensation will not destroy the power systems. Along with these, there are under and over current and voltage regulators to minimize all the risks.

No one likes to buy each welding equipment separately, and when it comes to sticking welding, it will only require a few items. The Amico Arc is a complete package with all the necessary and complementary cables and tools.

You can have it as a reliable welding companion, especially when looking for a high-quality, industrial design stick welder with all the modern features.

  • Comes with several automated features for easy usage.
  • A portable and sturdy design.
  • A complete package for all the welders.
  • Works well on 220V.
  • The cables are not very reliable.

6. Forney 291 Stick Welder

Forney 291 Stick Welder

There is nothing wrong with starting your welding work at home, and to assist you, this Forney stick welder is just the right choice. It may look like a small welding machine, but in fact, it is excellent. It would work super fine for longer hours.

One of the best things is its generator-friendly feature. Most welding machines are not generator friendly, and the welders need to conform to a power supply before heading out to work. The dual-voltage adapter is super fun to use: no worries when cutting the thicker metal parts. Set the voltage higher and get back to work.

You must be confused about its weight; its metal body may appear like a heavy welding machine. Worry not, it is only 14 pounds and can be carried without any hassle. Take this amazing stick welder wherever you want; the cable wrap will take care of all the connected cables.

No one wants to destroy their welding product just because the amperage was low. With this fantastic stick welder, you do not have to worry about the electrode sticking.

The Forney 291 is a complete package, as it comes with all the required cables and equipment. Moreover, unlike the contemporary stick welders, these cables are longer and reliable. In a nutshell, this stick welder will be the best product for beginners, farmers, and artists who want to work alone or at home without any hindrance.

  • Generator friendly.
  • Comes with all the necessary cables.
  • Rugged and reliable case.
  • It Will does not work with a 3/32 rod.

7. HITBOX ARC Welder 200A Stick DC 220V Inverter Welding

HITBOX ARC Welder 200A Stick

It is ready to use all set welding machines. It comes with all the required accessories, the electrode holder, and the ground clamp. New welders, who are still learning, may find it difficult to start the machine or face other challenges. As welding processes are full of possibilities and risks, that is why the hitbox arc comes with a 1-year warranty. The customer care service is quite professional and can help you solve the issues.

Even though it is encased in a sturdy metal body, it still only weighs 6lbs. Making it a portable welding machine, the easy-to-carry handle will perfectly fit in your hand. It is a reliable machine that will last longer than the rest.

Its 60% duty cycle guarantees that it will help you work faster without damaging the system. Moreover, you can have it for all the metal types. There is no need to buy extra welding machines for each metal type. It is an MMA stick welder that can be used for all the prevalent metal alloys.

For a neat and beautiful welding output, this welding machine can be one of the best choices. It would not take much time to start; along with it, the spatter-proof welded metal will be art.

  • Bang, for the bucks you paid.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Suitable for nearly all metal types.
  • Portable body and easy to handle.
  • Comes with short cables.

8. SUNGOLDPOWER Stick DC Welder 110/220V


Are you tired of using different welders for different metals and thicknesses? Obviously, you will be as it takes a lot of time. Check out this well-designed stick welder to solve all such issues. The Sunglodpower stick welder can also be used to weld aluminum; what else can be better for an artist who wants to create the best art piece? You only need to buy a welding spool, and it will function as an aluminum welding machine.

The adjustable wire speed makes it a multipurpose stick welder. It does not matter if you are welding a thicker metal. Only change the wire speed, and it’s ready to fix the thick or heavy metals. It comes with the core wire, which is a lot better than the solid wire.

One thing that may sound like an old machine is it does not come with any fancy features. Like the contemporary stick welders, it does not have an LCD or digital meters. If you are not a beginner and have done welding or learn how to use a manual welding machine, it is the most affordable option.

This welding machine is perfect for all those who want a multipurpose welding machine—required to work on various welding projects. It is easy to carry and operates cleanly without splatter.

  • It is a complete package.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Multipurpose welding machine.
  • Comes with adjustable wire speed.
  • Does not come with an LCD or digital meters.

9. YESWELDER ARC Welder 205Amp Under 200


Are you looking for a complete Cheap or budget package? Try this at the same price; you will get all the necessary equipment to make the welding smooth and fast. Undoubtedly it is the best for beginners; the automatic shutdown is the lifesaver for many. Whenever there is an over-voltage or over-current situation, it would take control and shut down the system.

Another amazing feature that will keep you safe even if you accidentally got some water around you is the IP212 weather-protected body. The industrial heat sink with heavy-duty fans, which can work longer, will ensure that the machine is ready to serve you even on a long day.

Even if it gets overheated, the automatic shutdown will turn it off; what else can be better than having a break when your stick welder is also getting back to the normal temperature?

Another amazing feature that can make professional welders delighted is the freedom to use different electrodes. Try as many sizes as possible and alloys you want. Unlike regular welding machines, this stick welder will help to maintain a cleaner environment. No need to worry about the post-welding scatter.

Along with all these impeccable qualities, there comes the option to add a TIG torch. You can add it separately to enhance the working potential of this amazing stick welder.

  • Comes with automatic compensation and safety features.
  • Automatic temperature control with a reliable industrial heat sink.
  • Clean and efficient welding.
  • The TIG may cause some issues while installing.

10. Everlast power arc Welder

Everlast power arc Welder

Who does not want to have a TIG kit with the stick welder? Well, this reliable and sturdy stick welder comes with the Tig kit along with all the required stick welding tools. The electrode holder is unlike the contemporaries; it is specially designed for excellent connectivity. Simply push it in, and it would stay there forever. All other cables, such as the 10ft work clamp cable, also come with the special DINSE designs. It will definitely make you feel lucky, having all the first-class welding tools coming in a single package with the TIG kit. Undoubtedly a bang for the bucks.

Did all these professional tools make it sound like a machine for experts?

Worry not. It is the one for all. The consumable starter kit to help you check whether it is working fine for your projects or not is an amazing way to satisfy the customer. No worries if it did not work; the 30 days money-back guarantee is there for you to get all your money refunded.

Coming to its weight, it is a portable machine. You can carry it anywhere you want, keep it in your car and stay ready for the next work.

  • It comes with a foot paddle to control the current.
  • Digital LCD.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Value for money.
  • Accessories are not up to the mark.

How To Choose a Best stick welder?

There are several types of stick welders available in the market, depending upon the polarity and other technical features. To get the best stick welder, you need first to consider why do you need it. It will be easier for the buyers to select a perfect stick welder after understanding all the essential features required in stick welding.

  • The power options

If you are going to weld steel, then it better to use DC power, as it is more stable than AC. There are some situations where the welder may try to have the AC polarity. While purchasing, read the manual carefully and check how many power options you are getting.

There are three power options in a regular stick welder, two for the DC and one for AC. The DC comes with two variations, the DC electrode negative (straight polarity) and the DC electrode positive (reverse polarity).

While choosing the power option, you also need to consider the type of electrodes. For most of the stick electrodes, the most suitable power supply is the DC, and almost every welder will prefer the DC power option as it is cost-effective and smooth.

  • The duty-cycle

For longer and effective working, the duty cycle of a welding machine matters a lot. Both for a single or triple-phase welding machine, the ideal duty cycle is 40%. Lower than that can heat the welder and damage the machine, and a higher duty cycle will result in a slow and inefficient workflow.

  • Easy maintenance.

Nothing can be better than having an efficient welding machine that is portable and easy to maintain. Heavier machines can cause hindrance and would consume a lot of time.

A smart person will always check for ease because welding with stick welders already requires a lot of concentration, so a hassle-free welder is the only option for stick welding.

  • The welding equipment.

Even though the stick welding equipment is the simplest and easy to use, still, you need to have them all; without them, stick welding is impossible. So, when you head out to buy a stick welder, you must check what you are getting along with it. Does the welder comes with all the required equipment, or will you have to buy them separately?

Some companies are kind enough to understand that it will be difficult to buy welding equipment separately. So, they deliver all the equipment as a complete package.

However, if you are an old welder and have all the required stuff with you and only the main machine is missing, it is better to go for the machine only. Why spend money on things that you already have?

  • Price and added accessories

Compare the prices, save as much as you can. Get on to the best online store, website, or a brick and mortar store selling welding machines. Check all the reliable brands, compare their prices, and select the most affordable one.

You will never want to spend money on a useless package. Thus, before you set to buy a stick welder, check the equipment coming along with it.

  • Warranty

Stick welders can sometimes cause serious troubles, especially when you are an invoice welder. Regardless of your experience, you still have invested. Thus it is your right to get compensation. Before buying a stick welder, check for the warranty.

  • Money-back guarantee

Sometimes low-quality welding machines would not even start. In such cases, only the money-back guarantee can help. Being a wise buyer, always check the money-back guarantee to avoid these inconveniences.

  • Safety features

Safety comes first. Overvoltage and overcurrent are serious risks when it comes to welding. Always choose a stick welder that comes with the violate compensator.  Such welders will automatically shut-off or will notify the user to reduce the risk of accidents.

  • Quickstart

Welding is a time-consuming process; it is essential to buy the hot start stick welders. It will not only help in saving time but will also cut the toll on your pocket.

How to strike an arc Stick Welding (Tips for beginner )

What are the uses of stick welder?

Stick welding is a type of arc welding, but it is better for thick metals than the rest. That is why it is usually used to fix and upgrade farming machines, ships, and other heavy-duty metal products. It can be used with different electrodes that make it suitable for various metal types. They do not need any added equipment or gasses to work; that is why they are undoubtedly the perfect weeding machine to work at far-off places such as farms and harbors.

It works fine on stainless steel, steel, nickel-based alloy, aluminum, and chrome. You can use TIG and MIG welding machines for thinner metals, but nothing can be better than the stick welder for a thick metal body.

If we consider the welding machines described above, it is obvious that the contemporary and modern stick welders are designed so that they can also be used as TIG. So, buying a stick welder is always a win-win situation.


Stick welders can be the best welding machine, especially for everyday welding. It works fine in every situation. And its simplicity and versatility can make the day for any welders. On top of it, the modern and sturdy stick welders available in the market are all set to impress the buyers.

Most of the stick welders are portable and easy to carry. One more thing that can be the best for the invoice welders is the digital meter. They can easily understand the working of the welding machine. We cannot resist claiming that stick welders are the best option for both experts and beginners to view the available features and stick welders.