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Best Welding Gloves For Heat Resistance (MIG / STICK / TIG) in 2021

There is nothing important than safety while performing any mechanical work. For the job wearing the correct equipment can highlight the difference between death and life. Welding gloves are the sole thing among you and a burning flame at about 6,332 °F. best welding glovesWelding gloves allow your figures to do movement freely, and these gloves do not stop the circulation of blood. From electrical shocks and high heat, the best welding gloves protect your finger or hands.

Good welding gloves are those which are made by using top grain leather. From the animal top, the leather comes and providing stuff that is tough and smooth. By using this, you are capable of welding effectively, safely, and while polishing your skills. They provide an improved resistance and grip to ensure that the welding torch will not slip from your hand. You can use the product of amazon named NKTM Leather Welding Gloves.

Best Welding Gloves for MIG, TIG, and Stick (Arc Welding) in 2021

  • Heat & Fire Resistant
  • Protection Sleeves
  • Leather
  • Lined Leather
  • Best Heat Resistance
  • Comfortable
  • Leather with Kevlar Stitching
  • Extreme Heat & Fire Resistant
  • Durable
  • Leather Material Used
  • Special Made for Welding
  • Glove for Stick & Plasma Welding
  • 21 inch glove with heavy duty padding
  • Lightweight Welding Glove
  • Kevlar Stitched
  • Leather Material used
  • Affordable With Best Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Lined Leather

1. Tanox Leather Forge Welding Gloves (Heat and Fire Resistant)

RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves

Need safety while doing any work which involved fire or heat. The RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves are quality gloves that provide effective performance. These gloves come with unique features that improve safety and durability. Made of flame and heat resistant split leather.

On Elbow, Fingers, Palms, and Backs, RAPICCA is the sole brand that provides double reinforced Kevlar padding. By using leather of split natural cowhide, these gloves are designed. This stuff protects from heat and flame. These gloves are thick and soft. You can get these gloves either in yellow or blue color. By using leather of natural cowhide, these gloves are designed. This stuff protects from heat and flames. These welding gloves are durable.

Tanox is making one of the best and Cheap Welder Gloves. These gloves allow your figures to do movement freely, and these gloves do not stop the circulation of blood. These are soft and thick. The welding gloves are comfortable and convenient to wear. It has one unique feature of the inner lining, which absorbs moisture. They act as forearm protection and ensure that flying debris, splatter, and any other material do not touch your body. These RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves are resistant to puncture-resistant, abrasion, and thickly padded.

Key Features:
  • Best for TIG/MIG
  • Yellow/Blue colors
  • Hydroscopic Inner lining
  • Original split leather of cowhide
  • It is puncture-resistant and abrasive
  • It is a multi-task glove
  • It delivers admirable protection
  • Comfortable and good heat-resistance
  • Only 2 sizes are available XL as well as XXL
  • It doesn’t provide effective dexterity

2. Lincoln Electric Welding Gloves for MIG & Stick (arc weldling)

Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG or Stick Welding Gloves

By using leather of cowhide, the Lincoln Electric welding gloves are designed. These welding gloves are beautiful and grab the attention of customers. These gloves are very effective and comfortable to wear. These gloves are very easily outstripped.

These gloves are black in color and have orange linings to provide a pleasant appearance. Multiple other types of gloves come with only one color or tone, but Lincoln welding gloves provide you more aesthetic tone. The appearance of gloves is stylish and unique. These gloves become the priority of most welders due to their effective performance. Due to their unique features, these gloves become an excellent choice for multiple welders. In the gloves, Kevlar threading is used, and they reinforced the points of stress and made it very durable.

Using these welding gloves, you can observe that spatter, flames, or heat will not damage the gloves and protect your skin from the heat. The cotton liner inside the gloves is comfortable and soft. These gloves provide adequate dexterity. Twill cotton is present inside the gloves that absorb moisture. These gloves offer finger sensitivity, and they are versatile. For multitasking, you can use these gloves, such as for gardening or welding purposes.

Key Features:
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Split outside material of leather
  • Inner cotton liner
  • An amperage range is 25-300
  • These gloves are comfortable
  • For MIG welding, these gloves are designed
  • The design is beautiful
  • Durable glove
  • Against high heat, the performance of these gloves is not so good


NKTM Leather Welding Gloves

By using leather cowhide, the NKTM leather gloves are designed. These welding gloves are a perfect balance among durability, comfort, and protection. It has a canvas cuff, reinforced winged thumb design, and cotton liner for heat resistance, support, and sweat absorption.

For better durability and protection, these gloves feature palm reinforcement and split leather. These gloves are multi-tasking. These can be used as safety gloves, gardening gloves, work gloves, and fireplace gloves, and many more. These welding gloves are cost-friendly. These welding gloves provide protection and safety against flames, heat, sparks, and objects. These gloves provide the right flexibility amount. These gloves are designed using soft leather.

These welding gloves are easy to wear. These gloves are available at an affordable and reasonable price. The drawback of these gloves is that the chemical used in making these gloves has a powerful smell. Items can easily grab by using these gloves. These welding gloves are considered one of the best and effective pairs of gloves. These gloves are versatile, reliable quality, and have a low or reasonable price.

  • Very easy and comfortable to wear
  • Have great dexterity
  • Full cow split leather protects from sparks, flames, and heat.
  • From burning, these gloves protect your skin
  • Multi-tasking
  • Durable sticking provides resistance and safety from heat
  • These gloves have a flexible design
  • The chemical used in the making has a strong smell
  • For stick welding, it is not appropriate
  • Sticking is not efficiently done

4. John Tillman and Co Tillman MIG Welders Gloves

John Tillman and Co 50L Top Grain Leather MIG Gloves

By using cowhide leather, which is “top grain” for designing John Tillman and Co 50L. With coatings of split leather on the back and palm, these gloves are featured, using specific threads all sew together. These gloves feature smooth, plunder lining and continuous forefinger. Elastic is provided on the backside of the glove; it is the distinct feature of these gloves.

Around the wrist, this feature is created to provide a more secure fit. These gloves offer excellent dexterity and enough protection. These gloves are multi-purpose; they can be used for commercial purposes as well as for residential purposes. It provides better heat resistance. These gloves have multiple unique features. It has mini pockets that can be used to place mini soaps and other necessary products. Button snaps are used to protect these small pockets. Tillman is the finest and top brand.

It provides a high-quality and comfortable glove. From splatter and heat, these gloves protect your skin.  These welding gloves pair are considered the best pair. These gloves are created by using heat-resistant cotton.

  • Multi-purpose
  • It is very comfortable, and you can move your fingers freely
  • Sleeves are tanned and treated for good heat resistance
  • Cotton is used for creating lining, and it is more relaxed as compared to other stuff
  • The facility of inside pockets
  • In the palms, it has low power of heat resistance
  • Interior lining is not so effective
  • For overhead welding, it is not appropriate

5. Caiman Long Genuine American Deerskin Welding Gloves

Caiman 21-Inch Gloves Welding

If someone is seeking the extra-large size of welding gloves, then Caiman’s welding gloves are a great choice. The length of these gloves is around 21 inches, providing safety and protection for both the forearm and hands. These gloves are considered one of the effective and best leather gloves. These gloves are designed for stick, plasma, and overhead applications.

They are created with safety and comfort in mind. The glove’s shape is form-fitting. Pre-curved fingers are created to provide proper alignment of the finger and comfortable or easily fit for the customer’s hands’ natural shape without any difficulty. For the protection of the wrist area, a boarhide leather heat shield is used.  These welding gloves are original American deerskin, and these include multiple features to protect the hands from heat and flame.

These gloves have heavy-duty padding for the forearm, elbows, and fingers, which is a distinct feature.  For extra durability, these palm reinforcements. These welding gloves are very comfortable to wear. By using Kevlar thread, these gloves are sewed. For durability, it features a lot of reinforcement. Provide great protection against spatter, sparks, and high heat levels

  • The design of these gloves are 3-dimensional
  • Sewed with Kevlar thread
  • Heavy-duty padding
  • You have options among 21 & 23 length
  • Hands become sweaty and hot due to fleece lining
  • If you are seeking small size welding gloves, then these gloves are not a good choice

6. Tillman TIG Welders Gloves

John Tillman Welding Gloves

These gloves are very comfortable and easy to wear. These welding gloves are lightweight. These welding gloves are stitched with Kevlar. Protect you from heat, spark, and flame. It is flame resistant; these welding gloves are not flameproof. John Tillman wanted to give extra attention to a hand area that is mostly overlooked when designing gloves.  The interior fleece lining provides superior comfort as compared to other welding gloves.

Extra flame and heat protection are also added to these welding gloves. For professionals and novices, these welding gloves are perfect. These gloves can be used for multi-purpose not solely for welding. These welding gloves are appropriate for woodfire cooking, grilling, manufacturing, oil pipelines, shipyards, and many more. These welding gloves are of high quality and useful. These welding gloves are extremely soft. These are very durable due to quality lining.

For professional welder, an excellent option is welding gloves. You can grasp any item and stuff safely. For all different processes of welding, these welding gloves are suitable. It provides sweat absorption, heat insulation, and these are fireproof. These welding gloves are very flexible and soft with puncture resistance. These welding gloves are multi-purpose. It can be used for multiple purposes. Easy to carry due to its lightweight. These welding gloves are very comfortable to use.

  • Good dexterity
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • These welding gloves are used for multi-purpose
  • Some kind of fuzz that spreads everywhere

7. Lined Leather Welding GlovesUS Forge 400 – Affordable

US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather

US Forge 400 welding gloves are the best gloves for welding. They come in a bright blue color. Many users have appreciated the comfort, flexibility, and efficiency of the offer. In our investigation, we follow gloves to satisfy these factors as well.

The gloves are made of high-quality leather, soft, and pleasant to the touch. Gloves are specially designed to protect your hands from UV rays and molten metal. The length of these gloves ensures protection from sparks, bushes, and hot debris.

These iconic gloves are quite durable. The lock-stitch design on these gloves ensures that they are durable and retain their form, despite heavy use. These gloves are also very comfortable. During testing, we see that the cotton layer feels great to wear. Besides, the coating absorbs sweat and moisture, leaving the inside of the gloves dry and comfortable at all times.

Like a MIG welding glove, it provides decent protection. However, if you are dealing with high temperatures, these gloves will not be enough. They have no padding or insulation to keep heat out of your hands. However, the lack of extra padding makes them one of the best gloves to use. The project offers experience, which is important in welding work.

Key Features:
  • Made of top-grain leather material
  • Available in Blue color
  • Have longer length than regular gloves
  • Durable gloves have a lock stitching design
  • Affordable gloves
  • Easily replaceable
  • Comfortable gloves
  • Not good for stick welding
  • Available in the only size

8. KIM YUAN Welding Gloves – Best Value 

KIM YUAN Heat & Fire-Resistant Welding Leather Gloves

It is ideal for MIG welding but does not do well when used in TIG welding. The gloves do not have the necessary flexibility for TIG welding. However, they are some of the most versatile gloves available on the market today. These iconic gloves have a finger design that provides handiness.

They can be used for barbecue, camping, animal handling, and so on. The Kevlar yarn used in the gloves makes them highly resistant to temperature. Unlike some others on this list, high temperatures do not affect its performance. You can use them without fear of the heat being transmitted to your hands. Click here to see the best price.

Kim Yuan Heat & Fire-Resistant Leather Welding Gloves are high-quality gloves that offer excellent value for money. They are mainly made of durable leather, which makes them flexible and resilient.

These iconic gloves have a prolonged service life. The palm of the glove comes with extra padding that improves versatility and promotes weight distribution.  These iconic gloves are very easy to wear because they are made of cotton liner. The cotton liner absorbs sweat and moisture and helps in keeping your hands dry.

Key Features:
  • Has Hook design
  • Cut and puncture-resistant
  • Made of Cow leather
  • MIG welding Gloves
  • Has cotton liner that absorbs sweat and moisture
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • The Palm area has extra padding.
  • Not used for TIG welding.
  • As compare to leather, denim could burn more quickly.

Buyer Guide For Welder Gloves

Your requirements will vary depending on the kind of welding you perform, so it’s essential to understand each welding type’s specification. So first, overlook the basic requirements you will need in any circumstance of welding. You will require effective heat safety and protection. Various welding kinds generate different heat amounts, but you require some heat protection level in each case. You don’t need to buy ordinary and simple gloves. Make sure you buy gloves, particularly for welding purposes.

While safety or protection is essential, you also don’t desire too many excellent things, such as lining. You also don’t desire to get very hot just from the heat of the body. Take these things into consideration while you are comparing different choices. Dexterity is essential but not essential in several situations as it is in other situations. You must, but the welding gloves of high quality, and they must be durable.

The gloves which are stitched with Kevlar will last longer. Along with heat or flame protection, you will also desire protection and safety against cuts. When you buy welding gloves, then you must assess the quality of the gloves you are comparing. It would help if you considered a few things. Welding gloves should be long-lasting and hard-wearing to entertain you well. Welding gloves must be made of good quality leather and should have a good lining. The good quality of leather provides better protection levels.

Different type of leather is used in designing welding gloves. These include cowhide, elk skin, deerskin, goatskin, and pigskin. Each kind has different and unique characteristics. For a particular kind of welding, a specific leather type is used. You must also look for effective insulation. These all are signs of high-quality and well-made gloves. These all characteristics help you buy good welding gloves that can protect your hands from heat, and these gloves will last longer. You t ensure that these gloves must be fit well.

These welding gloves must be comfortable to wear. If your hands are uncomfortable and slipping out, then you will end up. You must seek such gloves that are not heavy or bulky, making you able to move your fingers freely. You must seek such gloves that feel good to you. The best welding gloves of TIG provide a great dexterity amount. Protection from splattering and heat. You can also select among the gloves that cover your hand solely or cover your elbow too.


Overall, the best welding gloves, in particular, will be different as compared to another buyer. The choice of welding gloves you make has to be based on the welding you will perform. You must consider the specifics of MIG, stick welding, and TIG, and you must know what type of protection you need is protection and safety from splattering, heat or cuts, etc.

In this article, a different type of welding gloves is discussed and highlights their benefits and disadvantages.

For multi-purposes, these gloves are used. Most of the welding gloves are available at a reasonable price. Each pair of welding gloves are protecting against heat and flame. From splatter and heat, these gloves protect your skin. By using this, you are capable of welding effectively, safely, and while polishing your skills. Due to their unique features, these gloves become an excellent choice for multiple welders.