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8 Best Welding Magnets Reviews of 2021 [Must Read Before Buy]

Best Welding Magnets

Welding magnets are one of the strongest attractions used to create different metal items. The main feature that makes these magnets durable is the fact that they can firmly and accurately hold metals from different angles like 45-, 90-and 135- degrees.

As a result, you get to create steel gates, bicycle frames, and other metal products that are used in our day-to-day lives, all with the help of these Best welding magnets. Also, since these magnets make fixing and setting up a product natural, the professionals highly prefer them.

However, just knowing the qualities of a welding magnet doesn’t make things sorted and simple here. Know why? Because the different types and brands of welding magnets present in the market can surely make you confused about what might be the most suitable welding magnet option for you. But that’s certainly not something you should be worrying about, especially when we’ve got you covered with the welding magnets reviews below. So without further ado, let’s just go ahead and start discovering what these best welding magnets serve as. Shall we?

8 Best Welding Magnets You Should Buy – Our Top Pick

1. Strong Hand Tools – Magnetic V-Pads Kit: Welding Magnets

Strong Hand Tools - Magnetic V-Pads Kit: Welding Magnets

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Are you looking for the Best welding magnet that serves you as one of the strongest hand tool options? Welding magnets can be useful while building any metallic item for household or other needs. But finding the perfect welding magnet can be a tough task, especially when there are numerous options to choose from.

However, this strong welding magnet serves as a perfect light-made and tightly-holding welding magnet. This makes it easier for you to hold and position the steel and create just the perfect product with it. Also, since this welding magnet can easily hold and position all sizes and shapes of steel or other parts, you can be sure to use it as a firm and strong option for holding all parts together. With the additional presence of three different 4-pc v-pad kits with f rare-earth magnets, you can be sure to make the most out of these kits and the welding magnet in various user requirements. Additionally, the presence of doubles sided magnets on this welding magnet can be another additional aspect that makes the magnet perform its holding and positioning with a greater grip.

Now with the powerful and highly efficient working that this welding magnet performs, you can surely hold all shapes and perform different projects with this welding magnet – all with complete ease, along with quality and safety assurance. And when that’s settled, what are waiting for? Go ahead and invest in this high-quality hand tool for all your project-making needs?

  • Consists of light making
  • Firmly holds different shapes
  • Has both sided magnets
  • Pivot pins are average
  • Suitable for light materials

2. Best Welding Magnets: Adjust-O Magnet Square

Best Welding Magnets: Adjust-O Magnet Square

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Looking for a strong welding magnet that makes it easier and faster to adjust the magnet inside, and smoothly perform your task? If so, this strong hand tool is a perfect heavy-duty tool option for you. This is a firm tool that makes holding magnets fast and easy for you. Whether you need to hold the magnet pieces at 45 degrees or 90 degrees, this strong hand tool would make it easier for you to firmly hold the magnet; without having to put any pressure or energy on your own.

Hence, you can easily turn the magnet when you want to work and easily work on making suitable metallic items you want to create. Also, the magnet off and on buttons present in this heavy-duty tool allows you to work in a safe setup. So even if you’re a newbie or a non-professional who wants to create something on their own, this strong hand tool would give you enough security to smoothly handle the metallic items and perform the task – without facing any struggles.

This strong hand tool is ideal for holding round and square tubing, angle, and flat metal stock. This means that you can easily handle the odd-shaped metals with this hand tool and create the product you’re working on. Furthermore, with the easy cleaning feature of this tool, you can easily off and wipe off all the mess and dirt from it without using any special product or cleaning item. With all this, this strong hand tool surely serves as a perfect investment option for anyone wanting to manage the odd-shaped metals for their manufacturing work.

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to setup
  • Holds metal in place
  • Has a hard-press switch
  • Triangle has weak ends

3. MAG MATE WS300 Compact Magnetic Welding Square

MAG MATE WS300 Compact Magnetic Welding Square

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This MAG-MATE WS300 compact magnetic welding square is a perfect magnet welding tool that can help welders perform their tasks in less time and with more accuracy. Hence, if you’re looking for a welding magnet that is fast to set up and also holds the steel sheet stock, plate, or tubing/pipe accurately, then this is certainly the one for you. With the option of holding the metallic stock at multiple angles, including; 30, 45, 60, 75, and even 180, you can securely perform your welding task with ease.

Other than that, this magnetic welding square also arrives with large finger holes that help you in setting up and removing the square with ease and safety. Hence, you don’t have to use any tools or extreme safety measures to manage this welding square. Also, with the help of the mounting holes, you can perform the task of fixing squares into jigs without going through any complications.

All this ensures a smooth and safe welding experience for both the professional as well as the beginner welders. As a result, this power tool makes welding easier and a less time-consuming task for anyone. But if that’s not all, the addition of plated/ painted steel poles in this welding square ensures that you can maintain the tidiness of the square. Lastly, it also provides you with a non-rust surface, making it a highly durable welding square for you to invest in. Now with all that’s coming in this decent-looking welding square, there’s nothing more a welder can ask for.

  • Easy setup and removal
  • Supports multiple holding angles
  • Has a non-rust surface
  • Holding power isn’t great
  • Not for precision work

4. LISHUAI New Adjustable Angle (20°~200°)

LISHUAI New Adjustable Angle Welding Magnet

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Are you looking for a suitable welding magnet that you can easily adjust at any angle?  If so, then this LISHUAI New Adjustable Welding Magnet is the perfect welding magnet option that offers you a clear scale display and a magnet holding adjustment from the angle of 20 degrees to 200 degrees. Hence, you can easily use this welding magnet at any required angle and perform welding as well as fabrication tasks with ease. Now the most important part for welding magnets is the angle locking criteria, right?

Therefore, this adjustable welding magnet consists of a hex wrench that allows you to lock it at a variable angle with ease. This locking property of the magnet ensures to be firm and strong, as both the inside and outside of this welding magnet is made of a complete magnetic body. Therefore, you don’t have to go through many struggles to keep the workpieces firm at a specific angle. Also, with the help of the clear scale property of this welding magnet, it allows you to firmly hold the workpieces from the outside of the magnet.

This way, you can easily rely on this adjustable welding magnet as a welding holder for ferrous metals. Hence, you can use it to perform welding jobs in either the hardware processing needs or the construction industry tasks related to welding. Precisely, you can surely rely on this LISHUAI New Adjustable Welding Magnet for strongly holding the workpieces for you, while you perform your professional welding task.

  • Perfect for small parts
  • Has an easy-to-use mechanism
  • Consist of readable degrees
  • No angle indicating pointer
  • Comparatively smaller in size

5. Magswitch Multiple Angle Magnet

Magswitch Multiple Angle

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Want a smart and highly durable welding magnet to perform your basic as well as professionally small welding tasks? Well, don’t look for one anymore, as this Magswitch Welding Magnet is a perfectly professional and efficient workpiece holding tool for you. With its on/off buttons, you can easily manage the magnetic work holding at a specific angle and keep the workpiece firm at that specific angle.

Now the 67 kg of hold force that this welding magnet has due to its Magswitch Technology, you don’t have to think otherwise about the firmness of its hold while you perform your welding task. Also, with its suitability of strongly holding small pieces like flat or pipe at angles of 45, 60, 90, and even 120 degrees, you can attain a firm and accurate placement of the workpieces. Hence, you don’t have to worry about facing any welding complications while performing your professional task, as this welding magnet assures a strong grip on the angles you set it on.

As a result, this highly strong and yet lightweight welding magnet helps you perform your small welding tasks with great ease. However, if you’re worried about keeping it clean and maintained for prolonged usage – then worry no more. Because the Magswitch technology of his welding magnet ensures that the on/off switch is clean, by simply shedding the debris for you. This way, you can use this magnet for all your small welding tasks for years – achieving a prolonged hassle-free usage experience from it.

  • Supports multiple welding angles
  • Perfect for small tasks
  • Very easy to clean
  • Not a perfect square
  • Requires great breakaway force

6. Magnetic Corner Squares for Welding

Magnetic Corner Squares for Welding

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Are you looking for some perfect welding magnets that make your welding tasks faster and easier than ever? Then this strong hand tool is a highly efficient and suitable welding magnet that serves you strongly in both internal as well as external welding needs. With its property of having magnetic corner squares, you can easily access the 90 corners by holding the magnet from the outside.

This feature provides you with a great area to fulfill all the inside welding needs through this strong hand tool. Hence, you can utilize the outer edges of this corner magnet to set up the workpieces at an angle of 60. Also, the magnetic square corners would help you keep the workpieces firmly at a specific angle.

Other than that, the strong magnets of this strong hand tool ensure that all your welding tasks are completed without any compromise on the strength or quality of the magnet. The medium-sized making of this magnetic square allows you to perform all the lighter projects while saving a great amount of time. So if you’re working in a welding shop or a field, this magnetic square would serve you as a strong and faster working tool for all your light welding needs.

Lastly, the strong pull force of this welding magnetic being 30lbs; you can easily manage the heavy working pieces and weld them to produce the desired product. Now with all this smart, strong, and fast working ease coming from a square magnet welding tool, what more do you desire?

  • Perfect for lighter projects
  • Magnets are pretty strong
  • Only in small size
  • Frequent cleaning is necessary



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Looking for some high-quality magnetic welding arrows that make welding tasks easier for you? These 6 PC Welding Magnet Arrows come in a rough and square shape, allowing you to perform both your basic as well as professional welding tasks easily. With the multiple workpiece holding angles of 45, 90, and 135 degrees, you can make your welding and soldering tasks easier than ever.

With the different welding arrows having a 75lb, 50lb, and 25 lb. Rating, you can easily lift even the heaviest of workpieces to make your welding and production tasks fast. Altogether, you can easily rely on these welding arrows to free up your hands from holding any workpiece and simply focus on the main production task. Other than that, these 6PC Welding Magnet Arrows also serve you as a floater.

This means that you can make use of these welding arrows to even separate steel plates from the objects as it sticks to almost any ferrous metal objects.  Hence, you can be sure to utilize these welding magnets for more than a specific welding task. Also, all these multipurpose purpose features and strong capability of holding workpieces altogether make these welding arrows a durable welding tool for professionals.

However, even if you are a newbie in welding or construction work, these welding arrows are sure to make your task easier and less time-consuming. So whatever you’re willing to manufacture, these high-quality and durable welding arrows would surely help you strongly hold the workpieces at the desired angle and perform the task faster.

  • Multipurpose welding magnet arrows
  • Doesn’t require hand operation
  • Strong and durable making
  • Only in small sizes
  • Doesn’t include on/off switch

8. 4 Pieces of CMS Magnetics Welding Holder

4 Pieces of CMS Magnetics Welding Holder

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These 4 Pieces of CMS Magnetic Welding Holders are highly suitable for making your welding tasks easier and holding those workpieces with the least of your efforts and power. With the help of the powerful magnets that are present in these welding holders, you can easily make these magnets hold workpieces weighed up to 25lbs. You can hold products with these magnets at different angles of 90, 45, and 135 degrees; while keeping the workpiece firmly at the angle, you set.

Hence, you can easily rely on these welding holders to make your welding task a lot easier and safer, in comparison to when you would have to hold the materials yourself. Whether you have a small or light welding project, or you’re working on a more professional welding project; these welding holders will hold the workpieces tightly and accurately for you. So if you’re planning to build a metallic table or any other product, you don’t have to worry about holding the materials in place accurately as these 4 Pieces of CMS Magnetic Welding Holders do that for you.

As a result, you can easily be done with your welding tasks in the least of time. Also, when it comes to relying on the quality of these welding holders, the strong making and grip of these power tools make them a highly durable option for both professional welders as well as amateurs. So with one of these power tools around, nothing is stopping you from performing your welding tasks and building that masterpiece you’ve been planning about.

  • Makes welding less time-consuming
  • Strong and durable making
  • Holds the materials tightly
  • Not for heavy metals

Things to Consider Before Buying Welding Magnets:

Even when you are well aware of the welding magnets, you can’t just go for any option you find most suitable. This is mainly because each of the welding magnets has its properties and working suitability that improves or lessens the ease of your work.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the factors you should consider before buying a welding magnet. Now to help you invest in just the right welding magnet according to your welding job, here are some factors you can consider.

Appropriate Size:

Understanding the appropriate size requirements of the magnet for your welding project is very important. There are various sized welding magnets in the market, and you might not be well aware of the right size by just the picture of the magnet.

Hence, instead of just looking at the display, pay attention to the dimensions of the welding magnet you’re viewing. This way, you receiving a smaller or irrelevant size wouldn’t disappoint you.

Suitable weight capacity:

With the different manufacturing of each welding magnet, the criteria for holding a specific weight are also different for all of them. Now you might find attractions that can handle weights that are as low as 24lbs. Where on the other side, there are also heavy-duty magnets that can handle weight up to 200lbs.

Therefore, when you look into any welding magnet discussed here, make sure that you pay attention to the weight capacity of the attraction as it is imperative to invest in a welding magnet that can handle the weight that would be suitable to help you perform your task.

 Tip: if you’re dealing with thin and lightweight materials for your welding task, then don’t look for a magnet having any significant weight capacity. This is mainly because any suitable welding magnet would help you perform the welding task easily. 

Required Angles:

The best part about welding magnets is that they can work through angles. They allow you to measure and set up a suitable angle and then line up the metal following the edge. This way, the magnet helps you eliminate the overall calculation and accuracy struggle; while you complete the building or production task.

Now to avail of this hand-free ease through welding magnets, you must look for options that can handle multiple angles. Keeping that in mind, most of our listed welding magnets are not limited to just one or two angles.

Magnet Types and Their Usage:

Lastly, but most importantly, you need to consider the two types of welding magnets that are available in the market. This includes permanent and electromagnetic welding magnets. Now the electromagnetic welding magnets come with an on/off button, which lets you control the attraction well throughout the welding task. But on the other side, the permanent welding magnets serve as an all-time magnetized welding magnet.

The welders more prefer the on/off welding magnets due to their straightforward usage mechanism. But that doesn’t make any single one of these more beneficial or superior to the other. That’s mainly because both types serve well in perming any magnetic welding task.


Having a welding magnet can make your production tasks easier than ever. Whether you’re a professional welder or someone keen to build different items on your own, welding magnets can be a helping hand for you throughout your building process. However, not every single welding magnet gives you the satisfaction of strongly holding the workpieces for you at a specific angle.

That’s because most of the welding magnets can end up being weak or less reliable. Therefore, it’s very important that you only invest in the best options at first and let them serve as your helping hand throughout the welding task.

Now to help you invest in just the best welding magnet options, we’ve made sure to align some of the best ones and have discussed why they are worth your trust. So go ahead and choose just the right welding magnet for your projects.