How long does it take to become a Certified welder?

How long does it take to become a Certified welderAccording to my research about mechanical trading, a welder plays a vital role. Welders are skillful trades’ employees, trained and specialized in connecting or cutting metals. They join or cut metals through the application of heat and link the metal parts permanently. They do their work with the help of remote-control welding equipment or handheld devices. Moreover, they fill up holes, dents and work in the manufacturing and construction industries. They may operate with aluminum, steel, brass and this occupation has various workplace opportunities. And its employees can use in automobiles industries, shipyards, crafting, and build aircraft. It is a skillful profession, and it must do by taking safety measures. The reliability and correctness of their work are necessary for the safety of the public.

Have you ever desired to create, repairing, and modifying things? If yes, then a welding profession is most acceptable for you.

But , How long does it take to become a Certified welder?

Well, the time taking to get this occupation’s certificate is different. It also depends on your chosen welding line of the business pathway. For this job, you need to get a degree in a high school, welder training, and certifications of industry. A general educational development test and employment training are essential too.

The time it takes to become a certified welder depends on your selected educational track. For example, education learning and training may take some years to complete. But education at a vocational school/institute can finish in less than one year. So, it all depending on the type of preparation you are taking to get its certificate and job. And the foremost task of a welder is to keep the machinery well.

Let’s discuss in detail how long it takes to become a certified welder.

General Educational Development/High School Diploma:

  • Well, for becoming a welder, education of high school is necessary. To get a diploma from high school, you need learning of four full years. And as a high school student, you should concentrate on science, shop math, tradespeople, and computer. Math study will help in calculations and measurements during this trade. And science study will make you able to understand the working of welding. The high school offers training courses for this job also.
  • To get a GED certificate it takes typically three to four months. A student should learn all the basics about this career and attain some experience. If you are working as a part-time employee, then not to worry as learning of this profession will take lesser than one full year.
  • It is vital to learn its skills without any hurry and with full interest. The lowest educational necessity for this career is a degree of high school or equal, like a certificate of GED.

Vocational Institute:

  • If you desire to join a welding training program, then you can enroll yourself in a vocational institute. Such a professional school concentrates on trade’s skill education and preparations. It teaches pipefitting, shop wellbeing, reading of blueprint, properties of metals, cutting, and metallurgy. Additionally, it gives knowledge about math, welding procedures, and programs. Here during six to eight months of schooling about skills, students can get their diploma.

Technical or City College:

  • As per my information, here proficiency education plan takes two years. Due to the separate schedule, few students need more time to complete their qualification there. After that, they permit apprentices to get their degrees.
  • Technical Colleges and vocational schools cover the same topics as education courses.
  • At a City College, you must register in mainstream education like History or English.

Welding Training:

  • Let me tell you, training in this trade is significant to become successful. On the completion of this training, a student can obtain a diploma, degree, or certificate. There are various practice programs, apprenticeships, vocational institutes, and public colleges for welding education and practices. You can get on vocation practice experiences too.
  • As a student of this course practice, you need to learn instructions about the cutting method and welding procedures. Furthermore, learning about metallurgy and safety measures is also essential.

On Job Training:

  • Some people start employment as a laborer, without a proper vocational program of training. Then they get on work training, and in this case, it will take years to become a welder. Learning focus differs with position and employer.
  • Few employers hire untrained junior level laborers and prepare them on the job. But most employers wish more to recruit a welding certificate holder and trained person.
  • This working out usually takes numerous months to years to make you trained.

Participate in an Apprentice Traineeship:

  • For your career’s growth, you must participate in the apprenticeship. It serves as a learning opportunity, and by it, you can get the best experience in your field. It will give you practical understanding and knowledge about your desired work.

Welding Certification:

  • As per your chosen course, its training should complete within a year. Also, you can take part in a welding certificate schedule that finishes from 7 to 18 months. Few platforms offer certification and occupational opportunities together that will finalize in 7 to 8 months. To understand practical implementation, you need to attend needed course classes.
  • As I know, the cost of its complete education varies extensively. Cost differs from $2,957 to $19,589.
  • You can consult with the administration of the institution to know which course is suitable for your needs.
  • For getting a higher degree, you can complete the coursework of Associate Degree in Welding Technology. Its classes end in 2 years, and the cost ranges between #58,543 to $49,876.
  • Further, Bachelor’s Engineering Degree in Welding lasts almost four years, and cost differs widely.
  • Requirements for certifications vary from country to country. In case some welding servicers need work on projects which cost from $48,378 to $597,532, so they require the license. It is also mandatory that before sitting in the examination, the candidate should get approval by country.
  • While I have seen that some countries demand industry work experience and confirming documentation. The certificate of an experienced contractor of this field covers extensive welded work.
  • The American Welding Society (AWS) offers generally accepted certifications of welding. The test of AWS evaluates the knowledge of the welder about the welding method and safety measures. They also require that the license owner renew this exam between every 6 to 12 months.
  • The exam for licensing comprises a time frame of 2 hours and sixty questions. It would be best if you prepared for it properly to get success. The question paper mostly asks about the job duties of welder like cutting, brazing, and pipeline welding. Besides, it will ask about plan and blueprint reading, inspection, and testing. For getting a state certificate, you must attempt seventy percent of examination queries correctly. And as a candidate, you must pass a Business Law exam.
  • Well, many countries mandate that welders must retain a certificate. And by getting an AWS certificate, you can increase your hiring opportunities and earnings significantly.
  • The certifications authorize your skill and knowledge level and make you capable of employ.


So, for becoming a certified welder, you need to complete steps like getting an education, welding practices, certification, and a required license. How long it takes is depending on your abilities, educational choices, and job requirements. If you attend a specific field related vocational training program, then you can pass its exam and can become a certified welder comfortably.