How to fix rust holes without welding

Did You Know Repair or Fixing rust holes without welding is possible.We Know Metal surfaces are lush, but if the tormenting air brings forth the rusting, it can turn into a nightmare for the owner. Imagine you have bought the most needed washing machine, and after four months, this rust hole appears, enlarging every moment.

As it is the lockdown period in most countries, calling upon the mechanics or someone who can weld the rusting part is not, what can be done to help ones’ self? You can fix the rusted metal part without welding at home, just by using a few things. In this article, we will discuss how one can fix the rusting hold by using fiberglass sheets and metal mesh.

How to fix rust holes without welding

What are the causes of rusting?

You might have studied the rusting process in your elementary school, but just for understanding. Read on.

Rusting is when there is a slight scratch on the polished metal surface, and the humid air carrying the high oxygen content reacts with the iron, making the iron-oxides that is the rust. It is not something you can stop with some average solutions; you need to conduct a proper operation to prevent rust.

The best part about fixing the rusted piece of a metal is the slow re-rusting process. If you have successfully removed the rusted part, then usually a metal would take almost four years to rust.

How much will it cost?

If you want to stop the rusting process without welding, you should start with the paints. It would only cost you 100 bucks. However, if you take it to the welder, they may ask you to pay up to 170 dollars. So, if you feel that you can easily buy all the needed stuff, go for fixing it yourself instead of relying on somebody else.

Things you need to fix rust without welding.

  1. You need a sanding paper.
  2. Body fillers/ Bondo glass fillers
  3. Fiberglass
  4. Metal mesh
  5. Glasses
  6. Gloves
  7. Spatulas
  8. Fiber glues

Steps for removing rust without welding

So, before you start the process, check if you have all the necessary things. If any of them will be missing, you can never complete the process. During the lockdown period, you can order the bonding materials and polish solutions through some online shopping stores or buy them from reliable sources.

1.      Remove the rust and sand it.

Get sandpaper and rub it on the damaged surface; this way, you will remove all the rusted parts. Cleaning is essential; otherwise, you will not get a smooth surface, like the new one. You can either do it by your hands or through orbital sanders. If it is a large surface, then using an orbital sander will be the best option. You can attach the sandpaper to the drill machine and then use it to clean the rust.

2.      Cut the area slightly.

If you feel that there is no harm in cutting the worst area, then go for it. You may use the cutter or a saw for this purpose. It depends upon the type of metal you are cutting.

3.      Fill in the metal sheets.

Now, fill in the metal sheets over that space; you can either fix it in or should put it on the rusted sheet. You need to hold it as you cover it with fiberglass and fiberglass resins. It can rash your skin, and you should wear plastic gloves while you fill them in. Otherwise, it will stick to your hands.

For reinforcing it, you can add some plastic can substance as well. It will hold the metal sheets and fiberglass together. After applying, the metal cans apply another layer of fiberglass glue over it. To give it a good look.

4.      Bondo glass layering

It would help if you had a spatula to put over the Bondo glass fillers; these are a thick version of fiberglass. It will give a more superior look and will glue the metal sheets and fiberglass together. The Bondo glass is quite similar to the plaster of Paris in appearance.

5.      Sand it

Now, wait for almost 30 hours until it gets dry. Now, it is time to give it a shape. While fixing all these things together, keep in mind to set the orbital sander with a speed of 100 rotations so that you can finish the work faster. After getting the desired shape, you should wipe off the dust and not start the sanding step unless you are sure that it is extremely dry.

6.      Use the standard Bondo Body filler.

Now, once you are done, to make it even stronger, you should start applying the regular Bondo Body filler. Repeat the same procedure; once it is dried up, you should also sand it with the sanding paper or the orbital sander.

7.      Use the automotive primer.

The automotive primer is best for every steel or iron body. You can get it from any mechanics shop or a big departmental store. Priming is essential; otherwise, the metal piece will not look great even after removing the rust.

8.      Paint it

Now get the metallic paints to color the Bondo appearance on the metallic piece. Make sure that the colors are of excellent quality. Otherwise, soon, it would rip off and make your metal piece rusty again. A single coat will not be enough. You should do two or three coats of the spray.

9.      Coat with the metal wax

The last step is to use the metal wax, make sure that the spatula or cloth you are using for the polish is dry. Mostly, people think that a slightly wet spoon would not harm while applying wax, but it is incredibly useless. Because the wax coating is underlined with a water layer, the metal will again start rusting.

You can skip this step if you feel it, okay, but waxing is as essential as priming on a lighter note. The sole purpose of waxing the metal is to avoid any further damage.

 A simple way to remove the rusty part and if it without welding

If you see a small patch of rusted iron, then the simplest way to clean it is by painting and polishing it. All you have to do is,

  • Get sandpaper, and clean the rusted part; this is essential to avoid the rust.
  • After sanding it, get the best paint available for metal.
  • Apply the paint; it can be a spray or a stain with the brush.
  • Coat it nicely and correctly, now put on some polish to give a more superior look.
  • The metal piece is ready, and you can use it for an extended period.

Tips for removing rust without welding

  • Always use gloves while you put the fiberglass or Bondo solutions; they are incredibly sticky, which can prove very annoying.
  • While spraying the paint, cover the body of the metal with newspaper or plastic sheets. This way, even if the paint is not matching still, you can make a great design without disturbing the metal piece’s original color.
  • Always read reviews about the products you are using, and do not purchase them without expert opinions, especially if it is your first experience.
  • Do not do this without glasses; the resins and glues are quite reactive, damaging your eyesight.


Fixing or Repair rust holes without welding is not a new thing, but many people do not know about it. If you feel that this is the need of the hour and without welding, you can fix your favorite rusted metallic pieces, then what are you waiting for? Order the required solutions and get to work.