How to set up mig welding machine (ultimate beginner Guide)

Compare to other processes of welding, the process of MIG welding is a little easy and straightforward. MIG welding does not need a coordinated operation. In significantly less period, any individual could gain proficiency. In this welding process, the welder must guide the welding gun with proper orientation and position properly. Over the area & workpiece being welded. In MIG welding, by using heat among the wire electrode and workpiece to join the metals together. Before Set Up a MIG welder, individuals require to research & prepare several things before beginning this process. Mostly, the quality of weld depends on the MIG welder’s settings or proper setup and preparation of the machine.

How to set up mig welding machine

Uses of MIG Welding


There are many advantages while using MIG welding. The essential advantage is maximizing the productivity & this welding doesn’t make a massive mess in the area compared to other welding processes. Therefore, significantly less time is needed for cleaning the workplace when the process of welding is accomplished. The welder does not require to change the chip or rods away frequently. Therefore, maximizing your productivity.

Reduced Costs

The cost of MIG welding is significantly less as compared to other welding processes. The equipment required for the GMA welding costs is considerably less. An individual could buy the entire machine for around 500 dollars along with prices included for purchasing the appropriate gas and wire & you could begin the process of welding. MIG welding is considered as cost-saving.

Easy to Set-up & Learn

The process of MIG welding is quite simple and easy. In significantly less time, an individual can learn this process.

Good Quality

Shielding gas is utilized to secure the arc from dust and other air; the outcome is clean and excellent.

Setting of Welder

MIG welder setting is not such a complicated procedure. There are multiple steps to do a useful set. Before doing the set of MIG welder machine, an individual requires to check a few things which are the following:

  • Ensure the proper availability of the power source.
  • Bottle of the gas regulator and shielding gas availability
  • Welding wire
  • Ground Clamp is required.
  • Welding Jacket, mask, and the welding gloves pair

Once an individual has all these components, then its time to begin the setup machine.

Joint is Prepared

Before starting the welding process, the individual ensures that he/she has an experimental setup of joint because any paint, oil, or rust on the surface would generate a low quality of the weld. Thus, you require to ensure that the area or workplace of welding is cleaned correctly. There is no rust or dirt present at that place.  Cleaning a weld is essential as dirty joints would lead to starting a fire or getting burnt.

Right Type of Filler Wire and Gas

In the entire setup, filler wire and gas are the main components, and therefore you require to make sure that individuals have the correct type of filler wire and gas. The reason is that an individual uses carbon steel; the individual is required to utilize an electrode of ER4043 along with C25 gas. In contrast, if an individual uses aluminum, the individual needs to have 100 percent Argon gas.

Settings of MIG Welding

Having the right locations is essential to get the expected output as settings might change depending on the kind of metal individual will be weld. Like multiple other welding methods, a universal set is not available that could work for each type of metal that individuals will be weld. Metal thickness plays a significant role in the entire setting of the welding machine. In the setting of MIG welding, we only require doing a three primary setting that is necessary to set the welding machine before starting the process of welding:

  • Speed Setting of Wire Feed
  • Voltage Setting
  • The setting of Flow Rate of Gas

The setting mentioned above is considered the primary setting—this setting supports controlling heat & generating a good result regarding your needs.  In the market, several new models are available that solely need the thickness of metal & automatically, it would set the speed of wire-speed and voltage levels. It is essential to know regarding all these settings.

Voltage Settings

Voltage setting a Mig Welder

DC voltage is used in most machines, where an individual can say machine handle is complimentary from where electricity flows in welding handle from metal. The setting of voltage that demonstrates the penetration & a manual or chart will be given along with the welding machine to fix the settings of voltage. But suppose there is no manual available with the device. In that case, the individual could begin adjusting the wire speed and voltage while welding until the individual sees that the arc becomes stubbed into the workpiece. Again, fix the level until the arc gets sloppy and feeble. Thus, individuals know the max and min settings range, hence the useful set to half-point among the min and max. The voltage level must be perfect and valuable for the workpiece & welder to continue with welding.

Speed Setting of Wire Feed

Speed Setting of Wire Feed

This setting demonstrates how quickly wire is fed into the joint. It is regulated in IPM. For amperage controlling, this setting is also utilized. High speed could cause the sound of fast popping and the burn, while the low rate could cause to burn slowly, and the unstable arc is created.  A chart is given below; the wire’s speed is set based on the wire’s size, such as if the length of the wire is around 0.23 inches, then the individual requires multiple this size by 3.5 inches/amp. Which leads to approximately 3.5 x 125, and it equals to 437.5.  Among welders, choosing the correct settings is a complicated and common issue. Amperage is determined on the material thickness that is used for welding.

The setting of Flow Rate of Gas

setting of Flow Rate of Gas

This setting supports regulating gas transfer that is sufficient to secure the weld’s area from dust or contaminants or rust in air. The location of the flow rate of lower gas will permit solely lesser gas; it determines that it would not be sufficient to shield the entire weld area. In the weld surface, porosity will result. In CFM, the setting of the flow rate of gas will be regulated. The setting must not be low or high as if the gas flow is higher than it might cause turbulence & it could suck more air, which leads toward weld contamination. The best gas pressure must be about 15 to 25 CFH.

Choosing the Correct MIG Wire

When individuals have once done the setting of MIG welding, then you require to install the entire wire onto the welder. When someone is welding a thicker metal, then you always select a thicker wire.  A voltage and wire speed chart is given with some welding machines.


The conclusion drawn from the above discussion is that setting up a welding machine is very important. In this article, we have seen how to do the setup of a MIG welder.  MIG welder setting is not such a complicated procedure. There are multiple steps to do a useful set. In MIG welding, by using heat among the wire electrode and workpiece to join the metals together.