Lichtenberg wood burning With a Welder

Ever heard of Lichtenberg wood burning with a welder? If not, in this article, you will find many things to explore about Lichtenberg wood burning with a welder. It is the most modern technique of creating wooden artwork with the use of electricity. It looks beautiful, as it requires much hard work and passion.

Fractal wood burning is hazardous as there is the use of electricity as well. It would be best to have an experienced welder at your workshop who can handle it with care and do this work correctly. When wood is burned, a lightning image is formed that looks absolutely perfect.

Lichtenberg wood burning Using a Welder All details:

If you are addicted to decorating your walls with embellished items, this should be your first choice. Let us have a look at some fantastic features that you need to know about Lichtenberg wood burning.

How to Start Lichtenberg wood burning Using a Welder

How do Lichtenberg wood burning with a welder?

Lichtenberg wood burning is a process used to create images on wood using high-voltage electricity and a conductive solution. It is also called Fractal burning.

Many of us confuse Lichtenberg wood burning with pyrography, but both lie on a different part in actuality. The art of creating motifs and designs on wood by burning it with hot metal tools is called pyrography.

Whereas Lichtenberg burning is a wood-burning technique for creating designs with electricity. This often uses a high-voltage transformer, which may be taken from a microwave oven, soaked with a chemical solution, so it helps to flow current all over the wooden surface.

When this electricity flows over the wooden surface, it burns in the wood to form unique figures. Those figures that are formed by wood-burning are called Lichtenberg figures.

What are the reasons behind people’s interest in using a welder for Lichtenberg wood burning?

There can be several reasons behind this i.e.

  • The Lichtenberg machine is generally costly, and some people want to use a median-priced welder for Lichtenberg wood burning.
  • Some of them may have curiosity after watching some youtube tutorials.
  • Some people may think that the welding machine will make fractal wood burning easier for them.

Which type of welder use for fractal wood burning?

We can say that we can use an arc welding machine to create burned Lichtenberg figures on the piece of wood. And turn a plain flat piece of wood into an intricate piece of art, and fractal images can be made using this welder.

When buying a welder, keep in mind that the welder can provide 1 or 3 phase AC and DC to be used for your Lichtenberg wood burning machine.

An amazing Lichtenberg machine is what you want? You can create it by yourself by using a microwave oven transformer (4000V voltage). It generally uses high-voltage electricity to burn wood and creates artistic fractal images by burning wood.

We can use portable inverter-type machines where the power source is readily available. Still, for a remote site where there is no power or electric source, Engine-driven machines are used.

What is Lichtenberg’s wood-burning?

Lichtenberg wood burning is actually applying an electrically conductive solution on wood and then that solution on high voltage by using a  transformer or high voltage equipment with two probes. First of all, you need to take a transformer with a high voltage. After that, you’ll need to wire it so that you can get a few thousand volts from it.

Then you need to mix baking soda into the water; this will increase the conductivity. You need to place wood in a dry place that it can soak overnight. Now, at last, you will need to attach leads from the transformer on the side of the wood so that the electricity can branch across the wood forming awesome patterns.


These perfect and lightning images created on wood with the process of fractal wood burning are famous worldwide. However, it needs severe precautions before someone is going to start it. For a welder in a workshop, he needs to take all the precautionary measures, such as wearing insulated footwear and gloves.

Working alone can also be dangerous, so make sure there is always someone there when you are doing wood burning. Moreover, if you are looking for the pro-level perfect Lichtenberg wood burning, it is advised to use a welding machine rather than mig welders and always use welding respirators before Lichtenberg. It might be a little costly but much more reliable.