Is Welding a Good Career Option

When the word ‘welding’ comes up, the first thought that invades your mind will surely be not so special. It sounds unappealing! However, the only reason you do not find it more than just average is your insufficient knowledge about the matter. Welding is a process where mostly metals are melted by heat, giving out a fused form of metal, known as a weldment.

Nevertheless, welding can be accomplished by means of pressure too. Different welding processes exist, but most important are; Metal arc, Shielded metal arc, Cored arc, Gas tungsten arc, and Plasma arc process. Out of them all, tungsten arc welding is believed to be the highest quality welding process! As far as welding, as a good career option is considered, every profession that subsists has good and not so great sides, so does this one. We will point out the privileges and setbacks later onwards in this article.

Is Welding a Good Career Choice



That has to be the most comforting thing about this profession! Most of you are not into degrees, be it your lack of patience or genuine issues, like financial crises, stopping you from getting a degree and earning right away. Well, welding as your career is the best choice then. It does not require any degree but short training. This training is affordable yet less time-consuming. Finish off with the training, and you are good to go for any hiring.

All of it relies on your hard work, and for scoring well, you need the experience you will get after taking baby steps. Start with minor work, set your hands right, avail every opportunity coming your way, keep adding to your resume, and in no time, you will be making the most out of the short span of training.


When you get to know about this profession, and you dig into it. You will know it is good money and not an ordinary profession. However, like any other profession, you have to start from the bottom but not rock bottom. It takes focus and the right choices to get to the highs, though. Since welding has various options that you can consider, welding varies from houses to streets to underwater welding! If we talk about regular welders, they make an average of 40-50k in dollars yearly.

The average pay of an underwater welder ranges up to $350k, and that is huge! It is more about the picks and risks you take! No money is ever easy but requires determination. Next time you see a welder, slightly pitying, envy their profession and luxuries because they made all of it with their worth appreciating stamina, struggle, and willpower.


In a world where women are putting their 100% to prove that they are no less than men and are capable of doing whatever a man can do, most of the professions unwillingly and unintentionally discriminate against gender. Not only women, but there are several professions where men are not given the power and rights, but all the hold is in women’s hands. This is also referred to as gender discrimination. At the same time, welding has never been one of the discriminators.

It has always shown equality for both genders. Equal work, equal pay, and the same honors. What can be better than that? Welding is a profession that promotes fairness and equivalent opportunities for both men and women. As time passes, women are growing in a welding career and are turning out to be very successful in developed countries and in countries that are considered to be third-world countries like Bangladesh.


Another great thing about welding as a profession is, it does not consider the age factor. No matter how aged or young a person is, men or women welding neglects that element. Welding equipment is not heavy and can easily be managed. Welding is more about precision and requires excellent attention to detail, which you can get with loads of experience, and that is one reason you find most welders in their mature age.

When you are a welder, you do not bother about your retirement or being fired at an older age, so this makes this profession reliable yet reputable at the same time. Summing up the whole point here, you are never too early or too young to weld. Welding requires skills, and you can be skilled at any age. Your skills are independent of your age, and thus, when we talk about welding, there is no age limit.


In welding, enormous opportunities are waiting for you. Once you get your training done, you are officially a welder, and this is where the exciting part begins! If you are more into teaching, you can get started with teaching right away in any college or even in your Training Centre. If not, you can begin with welding according to your interest, and welding is a broad term, as high as building on the streets and as deep as the underwater work.

The choice is yours, you can switch your work any day, and it is up to you ultimately. This will make your resume more presentable, you will never get tired of your routine, and with that, your self-esteem will boost, making you more dedicated to your work. Despite all, many other options are present in the long run.


If you think you have what it takes to run a business, then the welding business is a brilliant choice for you! You will become independent and will be under no one’s authority. Now, who would not want that? Being your boss? Sounds fascinating to me. To run a business, you will need tools, which are not that expensive and, apart from that, skilled workers. You can be a source of someone’s earning, and that is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying things. You can make up your stuff, create, and sell them out, be it anything, furniture, etc. Soon, who knows? You will be one of the brands! Also, you can create your site, which will help you connect to every corner of the world, be it so far. You can take orders, supply goods, and be known all around the globe.


As this profession is underrated, there are less-skilled workers, but we can not ignore that the demand for welders is increasing day by day. This amplifies one’s chances. One can never run out of a job when it comes to welding! There is always something waiting to be welded somewhere, and with such immense opportunities, you still have something to go for. As this world is continuously progressing and manufacturing new things, constructing new buildings, flyovers, producing modern cars, the demand for welders seems nowhere near to any disappearance. It is all beneficial with no loss. As the workers are comparatively lesser than the needs, the present workers are more likely to profit at a greater possible extent. You can easily switch according to your mood wherever you want. You have that freedom because you are the skilled one that people need today.


Traveling! If you are one of those who like to keep their profession and passion together, then this is it! Going is one of the most common passions of people. Traveling makes them feel alive; it is a form of escape, meeting new people and exploring new places is what they live for. If you are, by any chance, one of those people, then you know what you have to do. Welding is not limited to any place or country but is a need everywhere, all around the world. Being a welder and working in a company empowers you to travel to many different places. Wherever a new project is assigned, welders are exported for work. Thus, the more devoted you are towards your work, the more demand there is for you. With that, you get your wishes fulfilled! Traveling all around the globe! Perhaps get an extra pass too.



Welding is carried out in intense heat as we melt down metals here. The fumes and gases released are harmful to health as they directly affect the lungs. Welders in their middle age might fight back with their lungs, but it is hard for older adults, as their lungs grow weak with them. Besides, eyesight is greatly affected by the fumes for which different helmets have been introduced. Still, despite that, it disturbs the eyes, and many cases of men and women losing their sight completely, have been registered.  These are one of the main setbacks of this profession. Welding can be life-threatening. No one would risk their lives for money, and it should be that way.  Money matters, but so does life. Nothing is dearer than life itself. Apart from that, it also causes anxiety and can later cause mental illnesses such as depression.


In this profession, the weather has a lot of roles to play. If you reside in the equatorial zone, you are more than likely to be affected by rain and thunderstorms. The welder’s work is mostly outdoor unless you are an underwater welder. If the weather is not cooperating, then you might face some difficult situations. As welder’s work, keeping in mind; everyday work is based on daily pay as in you get done with your work, and you are given the money right there and then, but when the weather conditions are not suitable for work, you’re earning stops. It is a risky profession and too dependent on the weather. You must have a side job or any other source of income because of weather changes without warning. You must prepare yourself for the worst beforehand. If welding is your full-time job, then you should move to a place where the weather cooperates.


Being a welder is, without a doubt, a stressful job. Most other jobs have their breaks, and weekends are known to be holidays, but it is rarely like that for welders. Welders work every day because they need to, and secondly, getting things welded is not marked on our calendars. They work continuous hours to meet the deadline and, at times, over time too. Welding is tight and requires physical effort. If you have a full-time job and you are working with a company, the schedule gets tougher. Your projects have deadlines, and it is more than your responsibility to fulfill them. Working in intense heat for nonstop hours and loud noises can quickly drain and exhaust a person. The sounds can end up in hearing loss! If the schedule is fixed and up to your capability to work daily, then welding can be a career option you could opt for.


As the world is emerging, many things are changing, and more ease is provided to us—new inventions, new technologies that mean less human work, and more machine work. As welding is unsafe for humans in numerous ways, whether it be the loss of eyesight, loss of hearing, etc., the chances are that machines will take up this task too. Even today, many tools are present that more efficient in work than the man himself. If not right now, but gradually welding will not require humans. If we do not talk about the long run in this career and stay present, it is worth a shot, but with the rate of technologies introduced, welding is not suitable to invest all your time and money in unless you own a business. Owning a business is safe as then you can buy the machinery replacing your workers and carry on with your bread earning.


Here is the most crucial reason why people do not opt for welding as their profession. Society! Society has set some standards as to which business is reputable and which is not. People often, out of society’s pressure, go for careers that they have no interest in and will spend the rest of their lives living up to what others think is the right way. Becoming a doctor or an engineer is what society thinks is best for one. If you choose welding as your profession, society will always look down on you. No matter how much money you make, you will still be considered illiterate (no degree=un-educated). Welding is a lousy career option following society, and it shall remain this way until society’s mindset changes. It will only change if our mindset will changes. You, me, and us, we make society.

is Welding is a Good CareerPhoto by Uğur Gürcüoğlu on Unsplash

Final Words:

Now, we will go through every point made and conclude the answer. The answer is yes, to some extent, and with proper precautions taken, welding can be a good career option! As the main cons that lead to its downfall are safety issues, modern helmets are made, which protect your eyes and hearing and filter the fumes released. They can be costly but are long-lasting and worth it. You can join any company that suits your schedule, as you will be the one in demand, you can easily make people agree to your words. As much as society is concerned, it is your life, and machinery will take time to take over. Still, for now, welding with all its aids, including excellent pay, tremendous opportunities, traveling, and rest, can prove to be a justified profession. When you are right to your job, every business is a good option.