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Best Boots For Welding 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Best Welding boots - Expert GuideWhen you think about boots, the first thought that invades your mind is “vogue”! Boots never go out of style and are admired by all, but the sole purpose of boots has never been fashion. It was protection with style being a sideline. As far as welding boots are concerned, they are essential.

Welding requires high degrees of heat and results in molten metal and its sparks dispersed all around you. It takes only a second for things to go out of our control, and when there is fire involved, you are never sure. Your feet do have a crucial part to play here, so no matter how much you try, your feet get in contact with the heat. This may end up in burns or major injuries. Welding boots are made of a material that is non-conducting or, let us say, resistant, and leather is often the best choice!

There are numerous kinds of boots with abundant perquisites, which we will discuss further in this article. We will list down the Best welding boots and pinpoint their specialty and why one should go for these boots?

Best Boots For Welding in 2021

  • 100% Leather
  • MetGuard Steel-Toe
  • Comfort & Waterproof Met Guard flap
  • 100% Leather
  • Ironbridge MetGuard Steel-Toe
  • Synthetic sole
  • Comfortable
  • Metatarsal Work Boot
  • Classic look
  • Affordable
  • 100% Leather
  • Steel Toe & Electrical Protection
  • 100% Leather
  • Comfortable
  • Good for Welding
  • 6 inch Steel Toe
  • Thermoplastic Urethane sole
  • Easy to Wear
  • Steel Toe Waterproof
  • 100% Leather & Synthetic sole
  • Rubber Sole with extra traction
  • 100% Leather & Made in USA
  • Polyurethane MAXwear Wedge sole
  • 100% Textile & Comfortable
  • Steel Toe Metatarsal Guard
  • Waterproof
  • 100% Leather with Waterproof
  • Steel toe & Vibram Sole
  • 9 Inch Logger

1. Timberland PRO – MetGuard Steel-Toe Welding Boot

“This Shoes covers all the aspects of a good welding boot!”

Timberland PRO - MetGuard Steel-Toe Welding Boot

It is a dark-colored leather boot with a rubber sole and a met guard. Its height is up to the ankles, and with all these specifications, it is comparatively lightweight! Also, it comes with a soft footbed to provide comfort. Now, the color black gives it a certain class, like who does not love black? When we talk about the material, leather is the most durable material there is, and it is non-conducting, which makes it safer than all the others.

The metatarsal guard, also known as met-guard, protects feet at a different level, so be it heavy material falling or slag, protection is guaranteed. Rubber sole provides us an amazing grip and resists any slipping or lack of friction as such work requires a lot of firmness! Its height is ideal as it promises protection up to the ankles, which is the area coming the most in contact as special masks and body cover the face by special jumpsuits, feet are the only part left behind, but Timberland got it covered. Literally.

The lightweight makes them comfortable enough to be worn for long hours of works without any torment. The durability gives us the satisfaction of making the most out of these boots, as we would not have to replace them any sooner. Lastly, as everything has its pros and cons, its con is its price. They are expensive but an excellent investment and also the best work boots for welding.

2. Dr. Martens, Men’s Met Guard – Heavy Industry Boots 

“Tell me about a better protection boot, and I will wait!”

Dr. Martens, Men's Met Guard - Heavy Industry Boots 

This iron bridge met guard steel toe boot is where protection is guaranteed. It is a pure leather boot, which says a lot about its durability, so no greetings to new boots for a while. Leather offers non-conductivity, is waterproof, so it has always been the best choice of material for manufacturers. Now, as its name says, it is a specialty of these boots. It has an added feature; a cap covering toes is present, which is made of steel.

It can bear a lot of weight and can work as a good insulator! (in case you are working in an electricity flowing compartment) It has a synthetic sole, which enables it to firmly get a hold of the surface a welder works on and is also resilient to oil spills and alkalis. The fitting can be managed on your own as it has laces to tie according to our will and size. It has a comfortable footbed, which promises comfort and ease. This safeguards us from weariness as long working hours can really drain out our energy and grow exhaustion.

As there are so many pros and pleasing features, there have to be some cons, and there are. The prices are not much affordable, but the real problem lies in the toe box. Some welders complain about it being too tight that instead of providing protection, it itself causes injury, but it can be dealt with by opting for a different size.

3. Rhino – 6-inch Metatarsal Welder Boot

“A black color rhino boot will save you when you need saving and need it at a low cost!”

Rhino - 6-inch Metatarsal Welder BootThese boots are made up of pure leather, which means it has the material of the best kind. We prefer leather due to several reasons, out of which the most important is its durability. It can bear many years, and one would not require jumping on to any other shoe for a long time.

It is powerful! Sole is synthetic, which is slip-free and grip? Not so free. Synthetic soles are what we need for welding purposes the most, as welding locations vary a lot. The metatarsal guard is present, which protects us from heavy metals, slags, and so much more. It has a lace-up closing, which can be a pro and a con at the same time. We can manage the fitting as per our size and not be dependent on the shoe completely, but at the same time, laces get weary, and you have to replace them from time to time.

This can get a bit frustrating, although a pro that outshines all the cons and makes replacing laces seem insignificant is the affordable price of these welding boots. It has almost all the required features to pass the welding boots requirements, too, at reasonable prices. Therefore, we can keep up with the laces and get great boots. Especially when you are short of money, these are the only boots you should consider buying because its Comes with a budget-friendly price!

4. Iron Age Men’s – Work Boot Under 100

“It is for sure different from the rest of the boots we have seen as per its name.”

Iron Age Men's - Work Boot - Ground Breaker

The groundbreaker is a whole package for the welders. It has leather as its chief material, a rubber sole, capping of steel for the metatarsals, in short protection of all kind! It is good for electric work as it’s properly insulated. The leather material makes these boots long-lasting, as wearing and tearing would need a lot of years. It is a relief for a long time. The synthetic sole guarantees us no slipping. The fixed metatarsal guard protects us from any injury, as the welding profession can be very hazardous.

The shaft length is up to the ankles, which means not getting hurt to a greater length. It is a safe length. The additional features it comprises are the welt creation and the Kevlar stitching, and it does not just add to its sustenance but also its beauty. These boots are the kind people are convinced to buy! They are approved by OSHA and meet their standards perfectly, and with all these fair features, they are not extremely expensive. They are affordable to an extent. The problem slightly lies in the comfort factor; they have it all but lack comfort.

This is a major drawback of this footwear. However, we can add pads as cushions ourselves as there is quite a space inside. Lastly, they are lace-ups to judge the category for it, according to our will.

5. Powerwelt Wellington Boot By Timberland Pro

“Comforts and protection together never looked this fashionable!”

Powerwelt Wellington Boot By Timberland Pro

Timberland pro men’s power belt wellington boots are the ease with safety. They are made of leather that stands out in quality and the best leather there is. Full-grain leather! The synthetic sole and its hostile stride design is just the perfect combination for a welding boot as it provides amazing grip and is heat strong, and not only that but water resilient as well! They have proper insulation and are very comfortable by all means.

A footbed with suitable cushioning makes standing for hours and working seem not much exhausting. They have a greater shaft length, more than the ordinary. It covers half of the calves, which means better protection and support to the legs. It is not a lace type but slips, which means all you have to do is slide your feet into it without further tension of tying up the loose laces during works. Slip-on is just more convenient. Despite all these appealing features, it is very light weighted and easy to wear. Apart from the shaft’s length, the boot itself’s height exceeds the average, adding more to the safety element. As these boots have so much to offer, prices are accordingly.

They are very expensive and not every other person can buy them. However, they are prone to mud sticking, but that should not be an issue as it is easily jerked off in a second and is not much of a problem. This is best for those guys who are looking for a cowboy style welder boot.

6. Rockrooster – Work Boots for men

“Perfect for welding underwater and wet conditions.”

Rockrooster - Work Boots for men

Rock rooster boots prove to be the perfect choice for underwater welding, as their features are quite in favor of it. They are pull-on boots, making them easier to wear and not be bothered by tying them repeatedly. It has a synthetic sole, which is heat and water resilient, a steep toecap, which proves to be very useful in protecting, and is pure leather, which means sturdiness is guaranteed.

There are very chances of you having to buy new boots for a long time. Leather is the most durable material to use. The inside is also very comfortable, and welders, along with others such as mechanics, constructors would gladly wear these boots. The quality, which makes it more suitable for welders working under or around water, is the COOLMAX technology and the PORON material used. This enables the user’s feet to stay dry in a wet surrounding and controls the temperature in a way that on warm days, it keeps the user’s feet cool and the very opposite on cold days! This material helps make these boots even more comfortable than they were actually supposed to be and proves to be a protective covering.

It is very lightweight, making it possible to wear them for hours and not be lethargic. Apart from all the inner goodies, it is available in two colors, which tells us fashion is not left behind.

7. Wolverine – Steel Teo Waterproof Work Shoe

“These boots will make you stand out from the rest because of their style and comfort.”

Wolverine - Steel Teo Waterproof Work Shoe

Wolverine men’s floor hand steel toe work boots are 6 inches tall, which means it covers an entire ankle, which protects the feet at its best because this area (till ankle) is usually coming most in contact with the work as the slag flows. At times metals tend to break and fall. For this purpose, extra protection is provided to your toe. The steel-toe cap covers up toes and can bear a lot of weight in case an accident happens. Wolverine is one of the best steel toe boots for welding.

When it comes to the material, it is a 1005 leather-made boot that is waterproof, which means it can use in underwater welding or in places where the floor tends to get wet. With these boots on, you would not have to worry about soaking your feet and not about the rest of the factors related to soaking, that is, after effects. The smell and discomfort!

Apart from that, leather is the most hardwearing material to exist, which would not wither away so soon. As far as comfort is concerned, the footbed or the insole of these boots is cushioned and roomy, so it is good for heavy-duty and not very tiresome. These are some of the most comfortable boots! They are lace-up boots, and its prices vary and not to forget, it has a rubber sole, which offers a firm grip on the surface.

8. Thorogood – Non-Safety Toe Boot

“Talk about durability when it comes to MOC TOE boots!”

Thorogood - Non-Safety Toe BootThorogood men’s American Heritage moc-toe boots have this special feature that most of the boots lack. We talk about durability, the long life of boots, but that does not involve resolving. These boots allow resoling, which means a greater life of these shoes.

The first problem for boots is that their sole withers away or damages no matter how good a quality it is made of, as the sole material used here is Polyurethane MAXwear wedge. The Goodyear welt construction allows this feature. Not only that, but they also are triple stitched! Making them more and more durable! Now, the 6” inches is an example of the coverage of these boots, your safe till your ankles the best safety measures you can worry about on your own and compensate with proper suits and mask but your feet, Thorogood moc-toe boots has all taken care of! The material used to make these boots is the best of the kind: pure leather, which is water resilient and heats insensitive.

The comfort level is often the plus point of these boots because there is a cushioned floor bed inside with an extra removable sole placed for better comfort making long shifts for workers bearable. With all these features, it lacks the safety element, as much as it is required because of steel missing as they are not “safety boots,” and they are extremely pricey.

9. Keen Utility – Steel Toe Metatarsal Guard Work Boot

“Not just beauty, but it is a whole lot of work too.”

Keen Utility - Steel Toe Metatarsal Guard Work Boot

Keen utility men’s Mt. Vernon work boots put safety first, always! It has a metatarsal guard present, which protects the toes, not only that but also that of Kevlar thread protection! Kevlar thread protects our feet and our boots from the dispersed sparks and heat that evolves during welding.

It can be very hazardous! These boots are very pleasing to the eyes with its symmetrical design and proper finishing, but it pleases the eyes and toes. The toe box for safety present inside is roomy enough to get the user injured by the boots themselves. It has been a problem for other boots, and the protector ends up injuring the user. It also meets the ASTM standards, so comfort is guaranteed for sure!

However, the material used is 100% textile material, resistant to water, and heats both, so working at a moist and dry location is not a problem when wearing these boots. These boots keep your feet dry as, at times, on warm days, wearing boots is no less than a challenge as feet get sweaty, but in these Vernon work boots, quiet ventilation is provided! It does not let the sweat stay in as the boots are so breathable, the sweat eventually evaporates, and water does not enter, either. The synthetic sole is oil-resistant and good in the grip, but boots can be costly with all these features.

10. Red Wing 4416 – Steel Toe, Insulated Welding Boots

“These boots are the best kind for rough usage, and class is guaranteed!”

Red Wing 4416 - Steel Toe, Insulated Welding Boots

These boots are prepared from leather, which is pure to its utmost extent! Leather supports the boots’ durability as leather is not easily damaged and takes years to wither if kept properly. It is waterproof, which gives welders a chance to work at varying locations without the worry of ruining their footwear.

Apart from the leather, the Goodyear welt construction also plays a role in the boots’ permanency. Steel toe gives metatarsals the protection it needs when dealing with welding, construction, and heavy substances, in short. It has a comfortable insole, which gives comfort at another level. No humidity inside and feet dry, despite the season.

The outer sole is Vibram rubber, which makes it obvious that it is of the finest quality there is! It is good against water and heat and not easily degradable. It also provides a firm grip, despite the oil spills on the ground. It is designed like that. It has heels that keep the feet’ sole well protected from the water just if your boots are entirely drenched and good for the short height people who have to face some problems at work.

These boots are stylish and are eye-pleasing. Apart from the obvious features, it works against electrical hazards because it is finely insulated. The quality of materials used is remarkable, making the prices fair enough, but they are not affordable. They are quite expensive.

How To Choose the Best Welding Boots?

Material Used

The topmost priority when buying welding boots should be the material used. Several materials are used for boot making, which varies in price, but the best is leather. Leather is known to be the perfect material for boots, especially when it comes to welding boots. Leather is highly durable and not so easily degradable. We can make the most out of it for a very long time. Its strength is admirable, and that is all one needs for welding purposes as it is almost everyday work, and a lot of labor is required. Also, it’s not like it is easy buying shoes like these. Go for it once, but go for the right one!


We need to make sure its making and designing are properly done. As there are many boots with the best quality material used but still do not manage to come much in handy. That is all because of the design. When you buy welding, ensure that their attempt to make the boots stylish and eye-pleasing does not get in its functionality. Some designs have many grooves and cuts, which end up being filled with slag or just water stagnant inside them. This can spoil the entire boots before their actual life. Go for the simple but classier ones with more working than style.

Aquatic Resistance

A buyer should have enough know-how about the boots that the resistance should be a priority. The waterproof system of boots should be powerful. Welding is a profession that asks for different locations and does not wait for any specific season, either. Welders are of a different kind, and as for welders earning good, they are mostly found near the sea or underwater. Underwater welding is good money. Back to the point, your boots should be water-resistant so that all you can focus on is work, not on your footwear. Water can ruin your boots. A faster rate also lets microbes grow, so water resilient boots inhibit microbial growth and make the boot’s life longer.

Heat Resilience

This property should never be ignored. It is the most important factor! As welding requires a lot of heat and gives sparks and slag in return as a byproduct. Great heat surrounds you. Your needs need to be resistant to heat. Otherwise, they are probably going to melt or degrade or just destroyed, in other words. So choosing boots for welding and not keeping in mind heat resistance is not so much of a smart move.

Welt Construction

Your shoe construction plays a significant role, so this should never slide from your mind while buying welding boots. Goodyear welt construction carries immense importance as it increases the durability of the boots. Welt construction is basically adding a frame to your boots that connect the boot to its sole and all the soles together. It provides stability and supports the existence of boots. Without welt construction, boots are easy to fall apart. Also, it gives an opportunity of resolving, which adds to the life of welding boots!

Some of the boots

When we talk about the sole, we talk about the entire sole, which means the inner, and outer souls. The outer sole must have good friction with the surface. As friction works opposite to movement, good friction would mean a good grip. Now, welding can be anywhere, and the major incident is expected if, in industries, many oil spills are expected. If the boots grip would be strong so this will not come in your work, the sole should be oil-resistant, so the boots are not damaged. They should be heightened and thick so that they are not more exposed to different problems and are affected by them to a nil extent. A sole should be able to withstand prolonged working hours as well. For this, the insole should be reliable enough. The insole must be checked properly, the room for your foot, the ease and comfort level all are essentials, and if it is a double-soled boot, that is just a better option! Therefore, the outer sole must be synthetic (rubber) and the inner sole according to ease.

Metaguard or Steel toe cap

For welding and construction purposes, you cannot neglect its existence, especially when necessary by the OHSA. Metatarsal protection is a ‘must’ for welding boots; otherwise, they will not be approved. Toes are more prone to get in contact with the slags that fall off while welding, so special protection is provided for them. A steel toecap protects the toes from not just slap but also heavy metals or objects falling on your feet. Such incidents are common, so stopping them from happening not likely but taking vigilant actions not to be hurt is possible. Thus, the met-guard should be the buyer’s priority!

Weight and Comfort for boots:

Boots, if anything, should be light-weighted because you seem to take care of all the other aspects while buying boots but ignore the weight and comfort. However, this is the MOST important thing that one should keep in mind when off to buy boots. You can have it all, but how disappointing would it be when you would not be able to make the most of it? When can you not wear them? Heavy boots are a pain. You can wear them out of a need for an hour or two, but then you will not be able to wear them for a long. That would clearly be a waste of money. We wear boots for protection and ease, so it should be felt when wearing them too. Light-weighted boots make our work more efficient and not be a burden itself. To neglect agony, buy lightweight boots and comfortable ones with proper cushioning, good insole, and breathable ones! No sweat, no smell, no problem!

Pull one or Lace-Ups

This again calls for ease! It depends on you. What you are most comfortable in. Boots are of two types; they easily slide on and not giving heed to lacing up, tying, and tightening up or, on the other hand making sure the shoe is as tight and fixed as possible so that it cannot fall off or size issues come in the way. However, if you got a perfect size, the more convenient pull-on ones, you would not have to worry about tying or being tangled up. Moreover, you would not have to worry about buying laces time after time.

Now, we are going, summing up the entire article on welding boots.

We have listed and described the top 10 welding boots, out of which we personally recommend Rhino metatarsal work boots if you are looking for something good at affordable prices. Still, we will highly recommend Wolverine floor hand 6 inches waterproof steel toe work shoe, and it is an expensive but good investment. Apart from that, we will recommend Rockrooster work boots for men, especially for welders who are working in wet regions!

These are the best Welding boots for you, and all come with a Company warranty. Apart from that, we guided you well about all the aspects one should carry in their mind before buying welding boots. The most legitimate ones were the heat and water resilience, protection, material, construction, and the level of comfort of welding boots you are buying.